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KPWT Judging Criterias 2008

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KPWT Judging Criterias 2008

Postby Toby » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:44 am

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Dear Riders,

Info KPWT 2008


single and double elimination

Where possible the race director will run man-on-man heats to ensure detail is not missed.
Competition shall be conducted in heats as follows:

1 first (1st) round – heats of four (4) competitors – One / One if possible
2 second (2nd) round – heats of four (4) competitors – One / One if possible
3 quarter finals – heats of two (2) competitors
4 semi finals - heats of two (2) competitors
5 final - heat of two (2) competitors
6 All instructions regarding heat format shall be given on first skipper's meeting by the Race director.

The Freestyle judging criteria is:

10 points Technical Difficulty considering:
- risk = likelihood of failure X consequence
- the power kite is delivering at critical points (when the bar is passed, landing, body inverted, etc)
- height (rider above kite for wake style moves/ exceptionally high for other styles)

10 points Variety including:
- powered wake-style AND, difficult innovative high board-off moves
- ability to perform on both tacks
- forward and back rotations
- off-axis and around the axis rotations

10 points Overall Impression including:
- innovation
- style
- smoothness of rotations
- clean landings
- quality not quantity
- "wow” factor


- Start time and time check will be given at skipper's meeting
- 24 to 60 competitors in the racing draw.
- 2 Categories – Male and Female.
- The duration of the race will range between 30 to 40 minutes.
- There will be three to six races a day
- The course racing can change anytime and everyday (depense wind direction and spot).
- The daily scores will be tallied nightly and combined throughout the competition, applying towards the series’ final standings.
- There will be discards for the races : 1 discard for 3 races, 2 for 6 races

Wave masters

Every day as soon the condition are great

The Primary criteria same as that used in surfing competition that is to say "radical manoeuvres in the critical section of a wave with control, commitment and style"

Consideration is also given to:
- Selection of waves
- Maximizing the potential of a wave
- Timing of when to use the power of the wave rather than the kite
- Risk = Consequences x Likelihood of failure (eg tube ride, under wave lip, riding unhooked, riding strapless)
- Innovation and repertoire of manoeuvres

Each wave scored out of 10
A maximum of 20 waves will be scored
Result = total of each riders best three waves

Full rules books on" onclick=";return false;

KPWT team

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