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4. Surf-Festival at Lake Balaton, 17.-18. Mai 08

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4. Surf-Festival at Lake Balaton, 17.-18. Mai 08

Postby Detto » Tue May 06, 2008 11:09 am

Hello out there!

Some of you know me already for a while, and therefore it is also known that i´m travelling a lot throughout Middle-, and East-Europe.

During these trips i always meet some new Kite-Buddies, and the hungarian ones, the guys from the "Kiteline Sport Club" are presenting this year for the fourth time already the annual Surf-Festival. This Festival will take place at their Homespot, the "Surfbeach" in Siofok-Sosto, at Lake Balaton/Hungary.

This Festival will be also the Season-opener for one of the nicest spots i know.

You have the chance to test there the newest Kite-, and Windsurfequipment from Naish, RRD, Best, and more.

I´ll be there personally, together with Mischa from" onclick=";return false; , to present FLYSURFER with all its Kites, and Boards.

More Info about the Event please find in the original text from the organisators.

So, should there be somebody of you in the mood to celebrate with us in Hungary I would be happy to say hello to you at the Lake Balaton.
Best regards

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IV. Surf Festival, Hungary, Siofok-Sosto, Surfbeach

On the 17th and 18th of May Kiteline Sports Club is going to organize its annual event known as Surf Festival for the fourth time. This event opens the ’official’ surf season at Lake Balaton. The home of the festival is the first hungarian kite and windsurf center located in Siofok-Sosto. Participants can choose from a wide selection of extreme sports during the day, and a huge party is waiting for everyone in the night. There is a possibility for camping on site, but if someone prefers a little more comfort we suggest to stay at the neighboring campsite in cabins or the nearby 3-4 star hotels.

After three successful festivals in the past years (2005, 2006, 2007) we may say that it is already a tradition and the biggest surf party of the year in Hungary. This year even more program waits for the ones coming to the biggest lake in central europe for the Festival. Visitors can take part in kitesurf and windsurf instruction, held by IKO and VDWS instructors, and test the latest Naish, RRD and BEST surf equipment. There will be a beach volleyball and football competition, testing of sea kayaks, and wakeboarding and wakeskating with the help of a winch. This year we will introduce Stand Up Paddle Surfing to the hungarian market, which is a rapidly expanding new action and fun activity now all over the world. For the first time everybody has the chance to try wave riding in Hungary and we will organize a little championship where anyone is welcome to join! There will be a spectacular paragliding show, and of course a huge party in the nighttime with the Red Bull DJ.

With the two day tickets (2.000 HUF about 8 Euros) everyone can stay in the campsite and try all these activities without any additional surcharge (there is also a free WIFI hot spot). For the surfers the festival is a superb occasion, since they can test and buy the latest equipment with huge discounts and sell their own windsurfs at the flee market.

The organizer of the programs is Kiteline Sport Club, Hungary’s biggest kitesurf and windsurf school, and the founder of the Surf Beach. We organize training camps in Hungary and all over the world, sell the biggest brands in surf equipments (RRD, Naish, Best, O’neill), organize parties, and attend exhibitions.

More information about the program can be found on" onclick=";return false;, and" onclick=";return false;, calling +36 70 453 2416, or writing an e-mail to .

The main sponsors of the event are: O’neill, Red Bull, MKB Bank, Siófok Város Önkormányzata, Bols Vodka.

We will be sending high-resolution (300DPI) photos about the event on request (free of charge)

In case you would like to attend at the event please call (+36 70 453 2416) or write an e-mail to (
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