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PKRA Kite Speed Grand Slam Fuerteventura

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PKRA Kite Speed Grand Slam Fuerteventura

Postby Toby » Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:55 pm

Speed:World:Cup News

With the wind in their sails. The world’s top 100 speed windsurfers and
kiteboarders are coming to Fuerteventura for the 23rd Windsurfing &
Kiteboarding World Cup.

When Fuerteventura calls, they all come. The island, situated in the
Canaries, has got the wind the windsurfers and kiteboarders need.
Guaranteed. Plus, there’s the bonus of white sandy beaches, blue skies
and summer-like temperatures.

The athletes race across the water with an acceleration which would leave
a sports car standing. And all with no exhaust fumes or motor noise. The
efficiency with which the sportsmen and women use the wind is
A modern windsurfing sail develops more horsepower per kilogram
transported than a car equipped with an 800 horsepower motor.

René Egli, initiator and organiser of the World Cup says, “I’m very pleased
that, with the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup, we are able to offer
not just an annual sporting highlight, but also an event of increasing
interest to spectators and the media. The interest in windsurfing and
kiteboarding as a spectacular, clean sport, in tune with nature, is greater
every year.”

The international kitespeed elite forms up to its second tour stop, with
Fuerteventura having awarded Grand Slam Status, while the speed
windsurfers battle out the world champion title in a spectacular one-off
Speed:World:Cup News

The Speed:World:Cup is sanctioned by ISWC (International Speed
Windsurfing Class) and PKRA (Professional Kiteriders Association) on
behalf of ISAF (International Sailing Federation). The organization will be
done by the Pro Center Rene Egli in cooperation with the
Speed:World:Cup Management Team

During and after the competition, we will have available for all national
and international media, press releases, video packages with broadcasting
quality images and high resolution pictures.

A unique premiere will be the live presentation of both the windsurf and
kiteboard speed events in the internet. This will bring windsurfing live to a
world wide audience for the first time, enabling every spectator to directly
follow each competitors tracks on the screen. Live coverage will be
available daily through

PKRA Speed Background

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) is an association of
riders for riders that manages professional kiteboarding worldwide.
The Mission is to communicate and negotiate the riders needs with event
organizers and to ensure that riders, sponsors and organizers each get
what they need from World Tour.

The PKRA Speed is a subdivision of the PKRA, managed by the

The Tour events go from exceptional action in Namibia to more
cosmopolitan spots such as Fuerteventura - the historical European
Speedsurfing Capital, to huge shows of extreme conditions on small
islands like Karpathos. In all, there are 200 to 300 members of the
association at the same time, from places like Australia or Brasil, to
Germany or Norway.

The Tour has to offer: dynamic, thrilling action, and bring the most
visually dynamic aquatic sports to the audience, making it a perfect
vehicle to locate sponsors logos; a sport that is set outdoors, healthy and
environmental friendly.

Superb action on the water, combined with an interactive and exciting life
experience, that creates an atmosphere where the fans and the media are
face to face with the most radical and intense competition and the biggest
personalities of the sport.
Besides being a sport of radical action, Kiteboarding is a way of life. This
type of life is formed by several elements to which many aspire, but that
few can really achieve. Most of, if not all of these aspects of the sport are
represented in the Speed:World:Cup

The Speed:World:Cup is entitled to hold World, Continental and National
Championships and is always looking for partners, local organizers as well
as national associations, to propagate this exciting and thrilling discipline
all over the world.

Local Organizer

World Cup initiator and organizer René Egli has just been awarded the
Medal of Honor by Spanish government to thank him for the consecutive
build up of the windsurfing & kiteboarding infrastructure on the island of

The medal was awarded as well for bringing the World Cup to the island
year after year.

In 2007 the Fuerteventura World Cup was broadcasted worldwide and
achieved more than 590 Million TV spectators.

René Egli: “I am very happy that as a result of our continuous hard work
plus the dedication and support from the Town Hall of Pájara and the
Spanish government, the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup has
grown beyond all belief, and the future for it looks very bright!”

For the first time there will be a 5000m² tent area that will be divided into
a 2000m² equipment storage tent, a 1000m² lounge, press & office tent
plus a 2000m² party tent.

To ensure everybody can treat themselves in style, the by now legendary
party tent will once again attract thousands of tourists and islanders to
party the night away.

All competitors will join the big parties of the opening and prize giving
ceremonies. Don't miss it!

The lounge area in the press and office tent, will be the ‘in’ place to chill
and shop during daytime.

Besides cool drinks and nice music a Fuerte Action Shop offers the stylish
official World Cup Sports Wear.

Sotavento Beach Spot Description
Wind: in average 6-9 beaufort, side offshore
Beach: sand

Sotavento Beach is one of the historical spots of Speed Windsurfing, and
has seen many competitions and records broken in the past decades.
The course on the mile-long beach is one of the most technical on the
tour, varying from flat water to 2 metre waves.

Local Information

Pro Center I is located directly in the Sotavento Wind Funnel. Strong and
constant wind, with water conditions from flat up to six foot waves are the
features of this World Cup spot.

These top spot features make Pro Center I the perfect spot for freestyler,
speed, slalom and kite. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, they
always have the perfect combination of boards and rigs as well as
kiteboards and kites at your disposal.

Mother nature has provided a beautiful white sand beach with crystal-clear
turquoise water for miles around the center. At Pro Center I there is also a
beach bar in the palm garden. The kite center is located at Pro Center I.
The popular Hotel Sol Gorriones is just 200 yards from the center.

Official Schedule PKRA Speed

All times subject to be changed on short notice due to weather conditions.

July 18th
15:00 – 17:00 Registration
21:00 Opening Ceremony

July 19th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
11:00 First possible Start

July 20th
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

July 21st
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

July 22nd
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

July 23rd
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start

July 23td
10:00 Skippersmeeting
10:30 First possible Start
14:00 Last possible Start
21:00 Closing Ceremony and Party

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