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Kite & Girlstorms, Speed Contest...Stormboarding Update

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Kite & Girlstorms, Speed Contest...Stormboarding Update

Postby stormboarding » Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:35 pm

Hello riders,

It is snowing and ice is forming at Sand Bar as I write this. We are very excited for this season to get rolling and wanted to check in with Stormboarding event Info.

Girlstorm Feb 14-15: We had a great time last year at the first Girlstorm snowkite weekend camp. We had new riders from all over New England, a blizzard and lots of fun. For ladies who are psyched to get into this great sport, we can't think of a better Valentine's Day than learning a sport you can do on equal footing with your boyfriend/husband... And if he already rides, it is like a gift for both of you. See all of the info about this year's Girlstorm or photos from last year at: then click on Girlstorm on the left.

Kitestorm: Feb. 21-22: Now in its 6th year, the Kitestorm is going strong with free taste of snowkite clinics, free demos, speed and photo contests, delicious cookies and more. The Best Western has kept their rates low for us, we have goodies galore from our excellent partners and are looking forward to some great riding with great people. Check out: for more info.

2008-2009 Snowkite Speed Ranking List: The list is back up and running with 2 early entries (one East Coast snowboarder and one West Coast snowboarder). Last year ended on an amazing note with Joe Levins reaching an even 70mph. See the start of this year's list as well as all of our data from the last 4 years on put your cursor over Speed Ranking and you will be able to see years past. Remember to put that GPS in your pocket while you ride. Any speed has the chance of winning great prizes. See all rules and directions on the speed ranking page.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Ride safe, ride fast and...

Think snow,


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Re: Kite & Girlstorms, Speed Contest...Stormboarding Update

Postby Windzup » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:16 pm

Thanks for keeping the speed ranking going Rachael!
I think its an awesome way of documenting the sports high end while encouraging riders to push themselves.

If this was a soap box I'd stand up and recommend that all riders carry GPS units as often as possible, its mind blowing to keep track of your speeds, both the fast ones and the ones that you thought were fast. Plus its fun to brag to your downhill buddies that are trying to claim X number of vert feet, I like showing them my GPS with 75 miles in a day.... they usually need a calculator to figure out how many feet I covered via kite power.

Thanks again Rachael...and secretly I hope no one else enters the speed ranking cause then I'll have a chance at winning. :naughty: (currently ranked #2 in the US :lol: )

Brian Schenck

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Re: Kite & Girlstorms, Speed Contest...Stormboarding Update

Postby kjelleren » Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:18 am

The speed challenge and Kitestorm are great. Keep it going. See you on the ice this weekend. Sunday should be great. May ride tomorrow at south side Sandbar.

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Re: Kite & Girlstorms, Speed Contest...Stormboarding Update

Postby Bigdog » Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:24 am

31.6 must have been deep snow.... just kidding. I hope Rachel keeps it going. Some days it is so much fun to see how much you can crank. I was surprised last year how hard it was to break 40mph on a snowboard!


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