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Cabrinha Announces: Cabrinha Race Series 2009

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Cabrinha Announces: Cabrinha Race Series 2009

Postby experienced1 » Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:18 am


Cabrinha KiteBoarding is pleased to announce season FOUR of the prestigious Cabrinha Race Series. They make this announcement along with it’s proud partners and sponsors, Ozone Travel, Adventure Sports Miami, and the St. Francis Yacht Club.

Four years ago, John Gomes, local SF Bay kiter pitched the idea of kite racing to the St. Francis Yacht Club… “Most of them thought I was crazy,” but in 2005 a handful of kiters gave it a try. After a successful experiment, John and the St. Francis teamed up with Steve Gunn of Cabrinha and the Cabrinha Race Series was launched. The Cabrinha Race Series has demonstrated to the world the viability and popularity of a new and exciting discipline; Kite Course Racing.

Kite racing then quickly expanded to top notch venues like Helm’s King of the Bay, Corpus Christi’s Wind and Water Open, and the Gorge Games. Both professional World Tours (PKRA and KPWT) have also embraced the discipline, each crowning a champion. In 2007, the first ever US National Championships were conducted and in 2008 the US Sailing Association sanctioned the 2008 US National Championships. In 2009, the International Sailing Federation has also added their stamp of approval, and the first ever World’s will be conducted by the St. Francis where it all started just a mere 4 years ago in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kite racing also expanded to Mexico with the La Ventana Classic, to Europe with events like the Belgium Open, the European Championship in Douarnenez, the Swiss Championship in Silvaplana, the Cabrinha Race Series in Denmark and in the USA with the Cabrinha Race Series in Corpus and East Coast, and racing at the Miami Kiteboarding Masters and the Islamorada Invitational plus snowkiting events and others.

The Cabrinha Race Series has grown to include a series of 12 nights of racing consisting of 3-4 races an evening with some sixty competitors. This years dates are April 9 and 23, May 14 and 28, June 11 and 25, July 9 and 23, August 20 and September 10, 17, and 24. Not all participants need to do the entire series as “drop ins” are welcomed on any race night. Within the entire series, three mini series are conducted involving only four nights of racing for those that cannot devote an entire summer.

This year something new has been added. In addition to the Open Class, four additional classes will be established if there are a minimum of 5 racers; Masters (40+), Grand Masters (50+), women, and Juniors (<20).

The Cabrinha Race Series has not only proven to be the premier kite racing series, it is ground zero for racing; it is where much of the testing and innovation in the sport occurs. Race boards like Kafka’s Neptune Design, Nils’ NJS Design, Mike Zajicek Designs, Amundson’s Windy Devil, and even North’s LTD protos were tested during these races before release… chosen because of the challenging conditions, the high caliber of competition, and the professionalism and hospitality of the St. Francis. For the same reasons, some of the world’s top racers have participated in the Cabrinha Race Series: Damien LeRoy US National Champ, Sky Solbach Gorge Games Champ, Sean Farley Mexican Champ/PKRA 2nd, Jesse Richman KPWT Champ/US National Jr. Champ/La Ventana Champ, Ken Winner Grand Master National Champ, Jeff Kafka La Ventana Champ/Cabrinha Race Series Champ, Anthony Chavez US National Champ/Cabrinha Race Series Champ and Chip Wasson Masters National Champ…and the list goes on.

Ozone Travel…”Because All You Want To Do Is Ride,” is welcomed again for a third year as a major sponsor. According to Karen Beber, Ozone Travel founder and owner, “Three years ago Steve called me to see if I was interested in being a sponsor…I jumped at the opportunity.” Ever since, I call him to make sure he knows Ozone Travel wants to be a part of this great event.” “As a sponsor, I couldn’t ask for better partners than Cabrinha, the St. Francis, and Adventure Sports Miami…all leaders in their respective fields, just like Ozone Travel.” Ozone Travel provides the Grand Prize each year. Trips to Cabarete, Brazil, and the Mexican Riviera have been awarded. This years grand prize will be announced shortly.

Adventure Sports, Inc. and Adventure Sport Miami…”Never Miss A Session; Always In Stock” have been a strong backer of the Cabrinha Race Series since the beginning. I know Steve for his professionalism and judgement, and being part of the Neil Pryde family, we’ve also had a long relationship with the St Francis. So, when I was approached about sponsoring the Cabrinha Race Series it was a no brainer…quality partners, no judges and a high level of competition accessible to kiters of all ages…it was just a good deal for everyone; kiters, sponsors, and the entire kite industry. Well, it has worked out way beyond my expectations,” says Kent Marinkovic, head guy at ASI.

So, come out and join in on the fun: race in the 2009 Cabrinha Race Series, do the entire series, or try just one race. And don’t forget the after racing festivities open to all. For more info, go to ... txt=TNKS09


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Re: Cabrinha Announces...

Postby Windrider » Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:50 am

Wait a minute... who's that bringing up the rear? Man, he must be moving!
Looks like a SUP to me....

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