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Ozone Kite Tour - Texas Halloween 2 Turkey Day

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Ozone Kite Tour - Texas Halloween 2 Turkey Day

Postby Windzup » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:01 pm

Ozone USA's Promotion Manager and Team Rider, Patrick Nedele, will be hosting Ozone kite demos throughout the next 5 week in Texas.

He left US headquarters at Windzup, near Skyline Utah, this afternoon.
First stop is the one of our team favorites... the SKA Brewery in Durango Colorado. After refueling there :naughty: he will be turning south-east towards Corpus Christi.

Ozone demos with Pro Kite Surf and will go down next week (the week before Halloween) in addition to some race board testing on the Ozone Edges with Nils of NJS Designs. (

From Hallowe's eve on, Patrick will be on South Padre Island for a few weeks with the Ozone Zephyr and the first C4 kites off the production line. Look for his Ozone logo'd RV named Clark on the beach and borrow a kite for a ride.

Then its back up to Corpus to share the love of the new C4 (family friendly C style hybrid kite) on the way to Galveston Island for the DBBB, aka the Dead Bird Buggy Bash. The Ozone Imp Quattro, Flow and Yakuza's will be available for all buggy pilots and land boarders to fly.

Then its back to Skyline Utah for some freshy runs on the to get training for the US OpenSnowkite Masters...

Brian Schenck

Look for P-Niddy on the beach or drop Windzup a line for his where-abouts. Also check

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