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KB4Girls Charity Event in Gokova with Kristin Boese

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KB4Girls Charity Event in Gokova with Kristin Boese

Postby mark van haze » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:33 pm

Calling all Female Kiters to Gokova Bay this May!


Always Windy are very excited to be hosting a KB4Girls event with 9x World Champion, and my personal kiting hero, Kristin Boese. Kristin will be holding a 3 day UNITE event here in Gokova Bay, Turkey from 13th to 15th May.
Register NOW to secure your place at this fantastic fundraising event! ... et=1&id=24


Uniting girls, exploring locations, having fun together and not worrying about anything else than the wind, the water and the other girls for a few days, that is what our KB4girls UNITE events are all about – giving female kiters the chance to be with other girls and meet new friends in a fun event.

How often do we find ourselves between a bunch of guys (most of the time nice guys, but nevertheless GUYS! ;) ) and how little time do we actually get to spend in an ONLY female environment on the other side?

Well, for any normal female kiter there is not much of that around and going to the beach means being surrounded by guys... yes, that can be fun too and some of you enjoy it more than others... but creating a female-only environment on a beach is truly special and super fun! Come join us and see for yourself! :)

Minimum personal fundraising goal: 100 $ (100 Euro in the Netherlands) – discounted rates for memberships apply!
Read all about KB4Girls at

Why Gokova Bay?

Gokova Bay is a unique thermal wind spot set between a mountain and a pine covered hill side in the south west of Turkey – the perfect venturi spot! A light sea breeze starts around 9am and accelerates to around 18-20 knots by 12am as the air temperature increases. Keep in mind that this is a thermal location and therefore Windguru will not give you a precise forecast. A rule of thumb, if it’s sunny it’s Always Windy!

Due to its orientation, Gökova Bay does not suffer from gusty wind; it is clean, smooth and friendly as there are no obstacles for it to pass over on its way to you and your kite!

I really hope you can register and join us for this fantastic 3 day event where it’s Always Windy!


Happy Kiting!


Alwayswindy: Addicted to Kiteboarding

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