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AWSI Hood River 2011 goes to Surf Expo Orlando

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AWSI Hood River 2011 goes to Surf Expo Orlando

Postby Toby » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:53 am

Dear AWSI members,

The AWSI has entered into an agreement with Surf Expo to endorse their show in Orlando Sept. 8 -10, 2011. This decision was a result of the surveying we have been doing for the past few months, which clearly indicated that Surf Expo was the AWSI members’ trade event of choice for 2011. So this means we will not be producing our own show this year in Hood River or elsewhere. Instead we will be promoting Surf Expo as the only place to exhibit and see all the 2012 products for Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and SUP.

Although it was a unanimous vote by the board, we realize that some people may not be happy with this decision. It is hard to please everybody. Hood River was a good show for us, especially the first year. But Surf Expo has made several changes in our favor: the dates are good, and the booth costs are substantially reduced for Board Builders, and Board Essential exhibitors, down to $1650 per 10x10, from a high of $2350 in years past. Some other factors that influenced member’s votes was the desire to go back to the East Coast, and the growth of the SUP category, which is well represented at Surf Expo.

The agreement with Surf Expo is in effect for only one year, and provides an endorsement fee that covers the operational costs of the AWSI.

Our annual meeting and party will take place Friday night, Sept. 9, at the exhibit hall right after show hours. This year we will be resurrecting our industry awards, so be sure to be there.

We will be circulating the attached press release. Please use this to inform any third parties of our plans. The comments in this mail are meant for members only.


Doug Hopkins
President- AWSI

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Re: AWSI Hood River 2011 goes to Surf Expo Orlando

Postby Windzup » Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:13 pm

Sounds like a positive change for 2011. Both formats of expo's have their good points, but moving together with the larger portion of the board sports industry is a solid move, at least for exposing kiteboarding to our sister board sports and related shops.

Change for change sake is not always good, but changing to adapt to a rapidly evolving market is smart.

See you in Florida this September.

Brian Schenck

Xenon Boards US Distributor

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Re: AWSI Hood River 2011 goes to Surf Expo Orlando

Postby kochease » Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:46 am

Personally I think this change sucks butt!!! :nono: One of the great things that made the AWSI trade show so awsome is that it is a small event, small town giving lots of time to socialize with reps and venders, plus you actually get to have hands on time with all the gear!!

As a shop owner how can it get any better than actually getting to test the products your selling :thumb: Nothing makes selling to a customer easier than actual expierence on the gear and not whatever the brochure tells you. It is invaluable. Now I will have to spend more time traveling and spending shit load of money to hit demo events. LAME :angryfire: Plus I am a kiteboard shop, I don't give a crap about whats in surf expo or I would go already.
What made AWSI truly unique is now gone. I hope the surf expo bombs hardcore and they bring it back to its roots in Hood River.

Enjoy the zoo and chaos in Florida. Say goodbye to getting true one on one personal service from your distributers. take your ticket, get in line and make the most out of your 5 minutes at each booth.
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Re: AWSI Hood River 2011 goes to Surf Expo Orlando

Postby tbennett » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:08 pm

Something smells fishy here.

AWSI vote? I wonder how many brands will actually attend surf expo. I'm not 100% sure but wasn't it because most of the brands pulled out of surf expo the reason why AWSI created a new event in the first place?

Looks like someone bought into the hard sell.

Good luck.

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