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KTA Thailand 2013 - The Christmas Race Special

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KTA Thailand 2013 - The Christmas Race Special

Postby Toby » Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:26 pm

The KTA 13/14 Asia Tour season kicks off this year with a complete racing focus to follow with the vibe from us hosting the 2013 World Course Race Championship. Round one will also be taking us to a new location in Thailand for the first time in KTA history, so join us in Phuket for the KTA Christmas Race Special !!

Our hosts for this seasons KTA Thailand is Kite Zone ‘Phuket’ is which is located at Friendship beach, Chalong Bay. This has been the home of Kite Zone for the past 6 years and gives the KTA event access to this 5 sq km flat water bay perfect for racing so it’s going to be heaven for all you TT and RB race types.

Kite Zone has a grass and beach set-up area that leads into shallow water for 300m on a medium – high tide before the drop off to deep water. The wind here during the NE season is typically light to moderate but regular, mostly big kites as the wind average is 12-16kts almost every day during the mid-season months (December & January) about 10-20% of our days are around 20kts so if you’re lucky you might need a mid-size kite too. There is one thing that is consistent whatever time of the year you come to kite in Phuket and that’s the glorious temperature! 26-33 degrees air temp day or night, ocean temperature is a steady 28.5 degrees, no need for wet suits here! Booties are only advised for the new riders, if you end up 1/2km or more downwind you will want your booties.

The KTA Thailand Christmas Race Special has an equipment prize value of USD 10,000 split equally between the RB and TT classes for the top three positions male and female. ... e-special/

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