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Biarritz in France

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Biarritz in France

Postby Dr_Rosen » Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:27 pm

Years ago - long before kitesurfing - I was in Biarritz in France paddle surfing. I wonder if anyone have experience with it a kitespot? ......... Possibly compared to Tarifa

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby kakanala » Wed Feb 13, 2008 3:45 pm

Dr_Rosen wrote:Years ago - long before kitesurfing - I was in Biarritz in France paddle surfing. I wonder if anyone have experience with it a kitespot? ......... Possibly compared to Tarifa
At you can find several spots in the southern-atlantic French coast.

Biarritz is not a great kitesurfing spot.
You'd rather drive up to Hossegor or give a try to the closest Spanish spots (San Sebastian with NW, Laida with S-SW or Laredo with NE)

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby Dr_Rosen » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:28 pm

Okay. Basically I am just interested in spots in Europe where it is affordable to go with wife and 3 kids, where there is also something for the family.
Eqypt for example quickly cost 4000-4500 Euro for our family.......for 1 week. In Europe it is easier to find low cost flights and maybe rent a house, So basically looking for destinations that offers a pleasant stay for family and gives me opportunity ride without feeling too bad about it :lol:

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby Carlos_C » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:37 pm

Biarritz is a lovel spot - but as the previous poster says - not too good for kitesurfing as there is not too much wind - unless you have a Silver arrow and Door

- spots further up Hossegor - Biscarosse offer lots of beaches and good holiday accomodation and vast pine forests - also the lac de sanguinet which is very pleasant. and very nice to kite on - flat and shallow.

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby besttaste » Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:19 pm

Try either Girona from Billund, DK kitespot - Sant Pere Pescador. I have kited here for the last 5 months!!! :)

Or Valencia from Billund, DK. Should have great spots too, but have not tried them out.

Else: Tenerife, Sicily (Lo Stagnone), Kroatia (Brac or Bol)

You only look for flights from DK right?

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby adder » Wed Feb 13, 2008 8:53 pm

Biarritz is not good for kite surfing, you need to go south or north.

A good place is Capbreton/Hossegor. There is a dedicated launch site on the beach during the summer months at a beach called Estagnots, a few minutes North of Hossegor. This place also has fantastic surf.

The winds in the Summer tend to be North West and cross onshore and come up mid dayish onwards. My experience is that they tend to blow around the 10 to 15knts so a 16m is useful, though of course the winds can blow much stronger as the Atlantic fronts come in.

I have a house in Capbreton which is about 10 minutes away from Estagnot and is available for rent. It's a wonderful seaside town and great for the family. We have been going there for for many years and my 7 and 9 year old boys love it.

See the link below ... ef=0010040" onclick=";return false;

Have fun

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby cracky » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:29 pm

Hi Dr rosen,

I live in south west of France, in Bordeaux (less than 1H45 min from Biarritz). I use to go there to surf (best place in france with manyn options as you know (spain or hossegaor) depending of wind and swell ,orientation. But Biarritz is not the best place to kite in summer (many people on the beach and asthmatic winds and rocky beaches. A better option is Lacanau with good conditions from April to end of june (thermic winds 12-20) in afternoon. It seems since many years the best period. also you have 1( minutes near Lacanau ocean beach Two flat spots : Lacanau lake and Hourtin Lake, really very very flat (the last one) with not any danger there. (nice golf too.The worst period to kite in south west of france seems to be from mid-september to november (east wind... time to paddle surf). I think the cost is really cheaper than biarritz to rent a house (take a plane to bordeaux and rent a car (50 min. drive)
Despite all this last year was really strange (climatic changes?....) with really nice wind (until 25 knots thermic winds during end of august during 10 days with blue sky and fun waves 1meter). Normally this period is the beginning from the flat wind days.... So ?
If You go to biarritz it is true that hossegor is better place, but I use to go kiting In a place called LABENNE (less far from biarritz) with a big area to put your kite without any restriction (beach ar'e crowded during july and august in hossegor-seignosse) , it is a better option according to me.

You can contact me if you want

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Re: Biarritz in France

Postby Aleph » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:18 pm

I was in the Bordeaux region last summer and as cracky guy says, Lacanau and Hourtin are great. I've been there for about 5 days and had wind on 3 out of 5 days. I just started kite surfing back then, so enjoyed the beginners conditions at Lac Hourtin a lot.

The region is great to drive around. A lot of wine chateaux and so on.

I wrote up a little report of the trip (which also included some spots on the Cote d'Azur such as L'ainse carteau and Beaduc). ... ip-europe/" onclick=";return false;


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