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2010 Troppo In Indo Kitesurfing Adventure Aug 25-Sept 6

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 9:57 pm
by kitehawaii

This trip is sure to be unlike any other. Limited to 10 qualified participants.

Escape The Crowds For the Adventure of a Lifetime - Kitesurfing & Surf East Indonesia! is offering one charter trip this summer to East Indonesia. Home of the famous Lakey Pipe & Peak kitesurfing spot. This once in a lifetime trip is guided by a veteran surfer and Indonesian explorer/guide Gary Burns. Organized by kitesurfing waterman Kevin Collins of Maui, Hawaii the trip will depart from Timor and end on the island of Flores from August 25th to September 6th. The trip is limited to the 10 qualified kitesurfers based on experience and ability to contribute to the trip in a positive way.

The best way to reach little surfed breaks is by a “wavehunting" guided surf boat. In Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara region, or "Far East” there are just a few boats available. Our guideed surf charter boat is a guaranteed fun adventure of a lifetime! Get together your friends and come on board to discover with an experienced surf guide real secret spots! The boat sails and surfs the Nusa Tenggara chain of islands in Eastern Indonesia with emphasis on the islands of Timor, Roti, Savu, Sumba, Sumbawa as well as many other small islands in the vicinity.
  • Professionally Guided By Experienced Surfing and Kitesurfing Veterans
    Professional Kitesurfing Wave riding coaching
    Tradewinds and Empty lineups
    Isolated Islands
    Quality reef setups
    Good variety of breaks for all standards of surfing !
    Long to short lefts and rights
    Hollow to fun /hotdog surf
    No crowds !
    Safety boats on standby at all times.
You can check out the intended route and keep in mind our guide with 15 years experience exploring these waters knows many secret spots that have been kept closely guarded secrets for years. We intend to carry on that tradition and give entirely new names to the breaks we discover for kiting. This region of East Indonesia is known for it's consistent tradewinds and strong Southwesterly swells this time of year.
Rob Born 2009 Indonesia