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 Post subject: 2010 Liquid Force Kite Fish - in Stock! $349.99 Shipped
PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:00 am 
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I know lots of people have been waiting for this board, and they have good reason.

his kite specific wake surfer comes complete with fins, footstraps, and a deckpad for just $349.99. This is about half the cost of all other directional boards on the market, and will work better in most applications. Here is why....

The Kitefish is the perfect board for anyone thinking about getting into a directional because it is easy to ride, and easy to learn to jibe on. The width of this board is ample, and so learning how to get in and out of the footsraps is easier than almost any other board I have tried.

Another cool thing about this board, is that it can be ridden BACKWARDS. As the ideal beginner directional, being able to chicken jibe and get out of the way of a crashing wave is going to be something that almost all other directionals can not do. Sure, it doesn't ride as well going backwards as forwards, but it is able to get you out of a situation quickly without having to jibe or switch toe side. Actually, it goes upwind quite well while riding it backwards, which was a pleasant surprise.

For those you want to work on strapless riding, the straps come off in about 1 min with a screwdriver and you now have a fun toy to play with. This board ollies and spins like a skimboard. Even I have been working on shove-its, and I have only been riding it for a week. The deckpad is great with or without booties, and offers padding if you happen to come down on your board after a missed strapless landing. Super fun, and super versatile. If skim is your style, be sure to checkout the LF Twinskim as well.

The other great characteristic of this board is its lightwind ability. I know many people who have bought a surfboard because of the perceived light wind ability, just to be disappointed to find their twintip has the same or better light wind performance. This is because lightwind ability is totally dependent on the rocker line. Too much rocker kills light wind performance. The KiteFish is made with a minimal amount of rocker with a flip in the nose to help deal with chop. This gives the board a very good low end that will rival some of the traditional lightwind boards for light wind performance. As a plus, the fins are small and efficient, which means that you can ride this board in water only inches deep. Try that with a normal directional and you'll end up breaking your fin, or possibly your face:).

At this price, I think this board is going to be revolutionary. In our first week having this board, just about everyone who tried it, bought one. People who had bought normal surf boards or surf style directional kiteboards are selling their used boards for more than this board costs, and switching over because it suits their style more.

Unless you are frequently riding huge waves in a surf environment, and are already skilled at using a directional board, this is the board for you.

If you are local, be sure to pry it from me to give it a try. If you aren't local, give me a call with any questions. I can promise you won't be disappointed.

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