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2011 Drysuit Lineup

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Here you will find commercial postings of any kind. Keep checking it to find great deals on gear, last minute offers, special occasions etc. Always worth a look! Read only for users, businesses need a special permission to post here. Contact:
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2011 Drysuit Lineup

Postby KitePaddleSurf » Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:36 am

So the temperatures are dropping, and the winds are building, and it is getting to be that time of year that people start looking into warmer waterwear.

Wetsuits are great to about 55 degress, but below that, it isn't if you'll get cold, but when. For some, wetsuits will be fine all year long, however sessions in sub 55 temperatures will be shorter, and more uncomfortable.

Drysuits reach their peak performance between 40 and 60 degrees, and will keep you warm and dry, in the water and out. You can kite in conditions below 40 degrees, and your core will stay warm, but current generation gloves and booties (at least that I know of) will start getting cold. I have come in with ice on my drysuit toasty warm, with only cold hands and feet. ( I am working on this by looking into some extreme cold gloves - booties are more manageable with 7mm)

The great thing about the suits is that once you are in, you are warm. You clothes stay dry if you use the right under layers (no cotton), and you can go about your day without having to peel off a cold wet wetsuit, and try to get dressed in the cold and wind.

We are going to be offering two brands of suits this year (Ocean Rodeo and NPX) but read on to find out how this is going to work.

Ocean Rodeo Pyro Pro

For this year, Ocean Rodeo is going to stick with the Pyro Pro as their core drysuit model. It has a front entry brass zippered suit, and is made out of a highly breathable fabric that helps eliminate moisture (perspiration). It is still important to wear good wicking layers underneith, however I have worn this suit with a cotton tshirt and gone paddling, and have come back dry. The brass zipper on this suit is a dive grade zipper, and super bomber. The fit is not super baggy, but large enough to allow for unrestricted movements. There are stretch panels all over the suit that make this a sleeker, more fit suit, that still has flexibility. This suit is available now in the classic navy blue, and later in the season will also be available in a grey/black color scheme. This is the suit you will see me riding this season.

Highly Breathable
Brass Zipper
Latex Gaskets
Proven History of High User Satisfaction ... 70-006.htm

NPX Lucifer 2011

For 2011, the Lucifer has been redesigned, and is made of new, more water resistant fabric. Last year, many people experienced issues with water coming into the drysuit through the breathable membrane if they were in the water for extended periods of time. NPX realized this and has now sourced a thicker and more waterproof fabric that while not quite as breathable, is going to keep you dry. This stylie drysuit is getting a minor makeover, yet will still have the same snowboarder type of look. The hood will be removable this year for those who don't want to wear it, and the suit has been designed to flow through the water better when body dragging. The sad news, which is a result of switching to new materials, is that the 2011 Lucifer will not be available until Jan 2011. For those who need the style and features of this suit, hang in there. When you are freezing in your wetsuit, just keep thinking "only 3 more months". Hang in there... life will get better.

Baggy Stylie Suit
Piss Zipper
Removable Hood
New Fabric
Neoprene Neck Gasket

Ocean Rodeo Predetor

The Ocean Rodeo Predetor is a drysuit that looks and feels like a wetsuit. From the outside it is a form fitting neoprene suit, just like any other wetsuit, but upon close examination, you realize that the 2mm neoprene is just the start of the suit. On the inside is a highly breathable drysuit. Sound complicated? It isn't. The inner layer is a plain jane drysuit that if you wanted to, you could just wear it as is. The inner drysuit doesn't have any fancy graphics, because it is intended to be covered by the 2mm neoprene outer layer. This is a real 2mm suit that goes on over the inner core, that provides insulation and abrasion resistance. It also holds the relatively baggy inner suit tight against your body, giving you the normal classic wetsuit appearance and feel in the water. Bodydragging isn't really any different than when wearing a wetsuit. If you surf, go ahead and duck dive, you won't have any extra buoyancy. While it is a 2 layer suit, this suit is far easier to get into than the prior generation Pyro Surf.

Form Fitting like a Wetsuit
Relatively easy to get in and out for a 2 layer suit
Can be used in Surf
Extra Durable outer later (that can be replaced) ... s=predator

We also have in stock some of the last years models at closeout pricing. Sizing and availablility is limited, but this would be a cheap way to get into a great suit. ... ts_c36.htm

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