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Fantasy Camp 2012

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:46 am
by Richie RIch
Hi Guys

For those of you interested in any updates on this event, I will endeavor to post regularly throughout the duration.

We now have all the riders here at East End in Grand Cayman for The Sweet Spot Fantasy Camp 2012. We felt very privileged to be chosen to host his event and we believe that we have a world class playground to share with everyone - something which became apparent on the first day!

Damien LeRoy, John Modica and up & coming rider Anabel van Westerop arrived with a load of Cabrinha gear, including a couple of surf boards, a range of new kites, (including a pair of 18m Light Wind Crossbows incase we got skunked on wind) and a selection of twin tips. We also have 4 very good-looking Cabrinha SUP's that we're looking forward to trying out.

With some of the guests arriving early before the front and the official start date, the 18's got a chance to shine, and we were impressed - being light for their condor-like size, they were perfect in the pre-front lull and it didn't take much of a rise in wind speed before the guys started to look a little overpowered on their short twin-tips!

Today, the front came in nice and early and the Fantasy Camp riders got to experience their first taste of kiteboarding at The Sweet Spot in Cayman. Think large flat water sections, a perfect trick pond, 20+ mph, huge downwinders inside the reef and the clearest warm water imaginable. With no crowds (and by that, you should imagine 2 local riders, besides the pros and camp riders) everyone had a blast! The swell is starting to build outside the reef, so we are looking forward to some clean waves forming in a day or so, with some nice rollers within the reef for those interested in learning to ride waves.

The official opening of the camp started tonight with the pool-front warm up party. Plenty of local Caybrew beer, rum punch and lots of laughter. It is already clear that we are all going to have a blast and with the wind looking to pick up a notch tomorrow, good times are certainly going to be had by all.

With the weather and water being so beautiful and warm, everyone is riding in board shorts during their day-long sessions. We start off tomorrow morning with a free-ride session from the Sweet Spot, before the 1 on 1 coaching sessions begin.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings - there is such a great vibe. Some snapshots will follow when I can steal back my card reader!

Richie Rich