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Buy a Fat Lady - Get a Trigger for 50% off

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:34 pm
by KitePaddleSurf ... tegoryId=1
The Fat Lady has been on of our best selling kite of this year, and it is time to celebrate. Not only is the Fat Lady one of the fastest lightwind kites on the market, it has a low end that rivals many brand's 19m kites. Combine that with a huge range, and an easy relaunch, and we have ourselves a winner.

Now, we need to let the world know about the Fat Ladies little brother, the Trigger. Just as the Fat Lady is one of the fastest large kites on the market, the Trigger is even more fun and lively.

To help support the popularity of the Fat Lady, and to help promote the Trigger, Blade is offering all dealers and consumers a Trigger at 50% off when combined with a Fat Lady purchase.

Please note, the Triggers are discounted by 50%, but not the Fat Ladies, as the 3rd Generation Fat Lady will not be released until SPRING 2014.

This promotion will be available as supplies of the 2013 Trigger last.

Please email if you have any questions, but don't delay, because its all over when the Fat Lady sings. ... egoryId=-1