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Instructional DVD for SLE/bow kites

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Instructional DVD for SLE/bow kites

Postby GreenWave » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:39 pm

Is there a good instructional DVD that covers SLE/bow kites? Has Progression: Beginner been updated for modern kites or does it still just cover old C kites?


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Re: Instructional DVD for SLE/bow kites

Postby toyletbowl » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:39 am

Wait a few weeks. Cabrinha is coming out with one very soon that is supposed to be excellent and geared 100% towards high depower and the bow kite crowd.

I have a lot on order if interested and if you want to try one out, let me know. Otherwise, if you have a local dealer...that's cool.


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Re: Instructional DVD for SLE/bow kites

Postby kitesafeflorida » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:13 am

You can pretty much bet that IKO will keep taking your money but give you not much in return. An organization of that size should have the best DVD's on the market, and I personally think they should step it up. It makes no sense to me.

Real DVD so out of date. Should be called "Zero to 2005"

My Session isn't bad, but geared towards 5th line kites.

Maybe one day, you will be able to go online and get everything you need to know about kitesurfing all in one place. Maybe one day, you can take a course online to cover the basic fundamentals of the sport before you head out on the water with your instructor. Maybe one day there will be an organization that is truly there to educate and not just make a buck. Maybe it will be a non-profit group.

Maybe, but not today.

Oh yeah, I am sure the Cabrinha DVD will be off the charts. Can't wait. Its about time.

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Re: Instructional DVD for SLE/bow kites

Postby robclaisse » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:06 am

Hey Guys,

Rest assured Progression is not resting on its laurels with our Kiteboarding Beginner DVD. A large amount of the content on this DVD is still 100% relevent even through c kites are used through the video - body dragging, waterstarts, sliding turns, riding upwind, jumping - style of kite does not take away from the underlying technique which the Progression Kiteboarding Beginner DVD covers in detail.

That being said we are working on new products but no release date to discuss yet! Creating a Progression DVD is no trivial task, taking ALOT of man hours to get the level of detail and analysis that has been come a trade mark of our productions.

So watch this space, but we still believe the current beginner DVD has a huge amount to offer any newbie getting into the sport...


Fat Sand Productions

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