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Video from Denmark

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Re: Video from Denmark

Postby Bille » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:08 am

NICE !!!

At 2:33, the rider has a shot of the nose of the board ; looks like he's
got a good amount of angle on the board, (is that normal) while riding
a foil ?

can someone tell me just how hard Is it to land a small jump ?


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Re: Video from Denmark

Postby lander » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:04 pm

Hawaiis wrote:
Guttorm wrote:What foils do you think is working best/most fun and still fast for big guys?
Guttorm 202cm 108kg
I recommend Carafino
I can recommand carafino when you want to learn but not for going fast. But maybe his new taaroa copy will be fast. Other fast foils could be Lift, spotz, taaroa, kfa, Zeeko, alpine, gp, moses and probably a lot more to come...I gues all foils are fun ;)

@bille regarding angle. Yes you angle the board for going upwind. Regarding jumping, the impact is just like a normal board and all about timing. But the release is also timing as you have to use the foil to get out of the water. If you just send the kite back the foil wont leave the water.

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