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Carafino: Race Board 2014

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby Tone » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:16 pm

Love a new member asking questions....

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby C A R A F I N O 2014 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:41 pm

lezo wrote:
Keoni wrote:Awesome... He is the first mover in the market. This product looks revolutionary for the sport. I'm in rush!
Wow, interesting first post! :-?

A less enthusiastic observer would find it funny to have announced a first, immature and probably ill-designed (in Carafino marketing that gives "too futuristic") product, than propose the current mainstream design with beveled rails as revolutionary. Anyway, the price looks good, but it is really strange to propose an unseen and untested product first as a 2 4 1 deal, just like the new revolutionary Carafino foil.
Hello Friend:

Thank you for the critics, I do appreciate them and more so understand your thinking. With regard to the futuristic design, you will see this design in April with our course racing boards, it is like nothing you can imagine. You will be happy to ride it, as it will give you way more speed into course racing than what is on the market currently. Thereafter, I will introduce the race futuristic design for 2015.

I will counter you by asking, prove me what has changed in course racing boards over the last years? Mainly fin design. Additionally, I remember when many top brands on the market where selling race boards with side fins forward the front foot position on the rail. Where are these designs today? There gone because something better works, or we could just say that the designs sucked.

When I see a course racing board on the water in competition. I see 60% of the board out of the water. So what do you need that part of the board for? To ride that ironing board is difficult and I commend everyone who does it. It takes time to acclimate to that board. So why not learn to ride something fast and more efficient?

At the very least you should consider giving me the benefit of the doubt. As I did invent the sport of hydrofoil kiteboarding with straps, with that said, undisputed, we are where we are today with the sport for all brands and all brands maybe one day will thank me.

Carafino has always been about design and progression. When things stay the same it bores me. For big industry, same is good as long as you have sales. I believe the industry has become complacent about course racing. Why change if something is working fine. What compounds this belief is that big name companies in the industry bring an array of products to the consumer. Difficult to be a genius for one particular product when your dealing everything you can. So much stays the same.

At Carafino we are dealing in hydrofoils boards only. We are not convoluted with distractions of other types of product. Therefore, our focus is on the product we invented and have tested. However, some designs lay in my arsenal trove for the future. This race board is one of them. If I was not confident, it would not debut, period. It is tested tried and true the highest waterman standard and conditions not found in most parts of the world. So I promise, it is going work where you live.

Much financial resource goes into creating productions. More than you can imagine. We do not create what does not work. Beveled rails? If you want to create a floating object that you desire to move through the water fast. You do not make it fat and round. Take a look at Forumla 1 Catamaran racing. Nothing is fat and round about those designs. They are sleek, knifes that pierce the water and maintain forward drive. Even mono hulls that race fast are sleek narrow designs. To be honest, when I look at some of the race board designs on the market today, I see something that looks like a air mattress for the pool.

Again, I gentlemanly challenge you to prove your theory that fat and round in the world of racing yachts even exists let alone reaches the finish line ahead of the pack.

I also want to add, Formula 1 Catamaran racing owners and designers do not have the luxury of building a catamaran for 100 million dollars and than testing it. First it is created in the mind, next it is created in the drawing board, then brought to life in 3D animation, it is further tested through computerized animated simulations, from there it is created in structural integrity. After that, they build it and race.

Oracle Formula 1 Catamaran had lose several races on the last day of the America's Cup. They where down to losing everything. They brought there boat in and tweet a few things, returned back to the course and sweep the competition to win. If they had lost, did it mean their design was not good? No, it meant they just need to take a break and a few deep breaths, access the situation, readjust and go back to win. At Carafino, we have taken 2 years off from the market to do just the same. All I ask is your patience because everything we create first comes from the mind and then made tangible.

In business, Carafino has to ask itself one question. Do we bring a futuristic designed product to the market that may shoot us in the foot because people will not accept it so quickly? Or do we go with what the market is accustomed to and ease the new design into the market? The answer is simple, we give you want you want now and show you what is superior later. I have to be careful to bring to you what is in our arsenal, because it took the industry 10 years to accept what we had brought them in 1999 to date.

I love a devils advocate, I thank you for your comments and welcome them, they ensure me I am confident I know what I am doing.


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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby lezo » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:44 pm

Ok, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Just one remark. Volume in raceboards and racing foilboards is useless while riding well-powered, as you observed, but it's crucial to start early (i.e. get enough speed to plane/foil) in low wind conditions. In kite race boards, it's also important to keep planing at low speed when going upwind, in racefoilboards that's not crucial until you manage to keep the board in the air.

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby davesails7 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:21 am

Can you post some pictures or video of the prototype(s) that led up to this board?

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby Hydro Phil » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:19 am

Hello everybody,

Long time kiteboarder and reader of this forum, I finally registered to accept Mango's challenge of proving "that fat and round in the world of racing yachts even exists let alone reaches the finish line ahead of the pack".

To introduce myself : I'm French (sorry for my English), garage board builder, have no appointment with any French kitefoiling company and know some of you here (Hi Jolt :wink: )
My goal is not to determine who owns the truth but to maturate the design of the kitefoil board I will build soon for my own use.

So, mini 650 is certainly the most advanced laboratory of monohulls yachts with it's Proto category and most innovations introduced since on IMOCAs 60', VOR 70' and other classes were invented and tested in thismini class. And guess which boat won the mini transat (atlantic crossing alone on a 6,5 m boat :o ) in 2011 ?


Do I need to say left one ? His design is based on the same idea as American Scows and even without understanding French, I think everybody can appreciate his performances here :

So I think we can say "fat and round" not only exists but can also win races ! :thumb:

Now let's stay open to each other ideas if they can be demonstrated and discuss about kite hydrofoil racing boards design.

PS : Mango, I'can't see your video at the bottom of page 1.


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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby SpunMonkey » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:40 pm

Great job hydro phil :thumb:

Great piece on sailing anarchy this morning showing another fat and fast..

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby Kamikuza » Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:35 pm

:runaway: Is that the new Slingshot Space Pickle...?

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby coleman » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:17 pm

the volume in the nose of the race board is what allows the board to pound over the chop at high speed. it provides stability and i am certain it is essential. without there would certainly be a loss of control. maybe just stick to what you know mr carrafino. i am pretty sure the folks in the course racing industry have fleshed out the possibilities with those boards. there is a reason they havent changed since 2011.

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby lezo » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:59 pm

Great stuff Phil and welcome!

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Re: Carafino: Race Board 2014

Postby Hawaiis » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:53 pm

comparing a hydrofoil to a sailboat is like comparing orange to orangutan .

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