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 Post subject: Who has ridden the most foils?
PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:43 pm 
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Lord knows I love giving advice on gear. Kites, boards, surfboards, harnesses, bars. I've owned a ton, tried many more and have a solid understanding of their characteristics.

Foils...... not so much

Who out there has ridden a pile of foils. What are you on now and why?

 Post subject: around 12 foils
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:54 am 
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As I experienced, material is pretty important for progress, so I tested about 12 foils in the first 1/2 year, as listed here ( http://kitejunkie.com/kite_hydrofoil ) see chapter 6... at bottom of page.
I didn't finished these test reports yet, anyway they would have been in German.

I started with a 2014 Zeeko Makaira Freeride, that's frontwing and pitch stability, but also performance had been great for beginning. Thanks to the very good low speed performance, I never reached angles that high against the wind of much more than 45° again. But after learning 360s and jumping, I wanted to change to a faster and more solid construction. Also if the Zeeko was great for freestyle, doing turns especially in waves felt to stiff in yaw and pitch axis and maybe jumping and torsional forces caused a little repairable crack in the fuselage.

So I found the Levitaz Aspect 3 which is a fast racefoil and one of the static most stable construction I know. I belive it can port times more torsional forces than all other constructions, thanks to a double iron core connection from the strut to the frontwing. It has taken a time to perform same maneuvers on the Aspect 3. But apart of freestyle and close to indestructibility, I now can travel around our lakes with comfortable speeds. Ones reached within 3 hours about 20 km upwind and 20 km downwind nearly 80 km total, some freestyle in the run and average top speeds of more than 40 km/h for over 5 km. Top speeds up to 48 km/h with 62 kg. And in light wind as today I can still stay out with it when all others, also foilkiters, stay on the beach and windsurfers aren't moving visibly anymore :D ... with just a 9 m Flysurfer Sonic :P

These days I tried the new Levitaz EXO Board and I was very happy, as the 6,2 kg with 3 straps ( Board naked 2,5 kg) felt great for jumping-boardoffs, much better than my old heavy race-foilboard.

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 Post subject: Re: Who has ridden the most foils?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:05 am 
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I have owned:
Carafino in 2005
Radical in 2009
Spotz in 2012
Taaroa Sword in 2013
Taaroa Sword 2 2015 now

Moses Silente in 2014
Ketos 2014
F-One carbon foil in 2015
Zeeko aluminum in 2015

Worst performance (speed) Carafino and Moses
Best Performance (speed) Sword 1&2
Easiest Carafino, F-One, Radical, Ketos
Best quality of construction/finish F-One and Swords.
Value for money Zeeko alu
Worst value for money Moses Silente ( carbon stickers are a joke)

For me the best all rounder are the F-One, Ketos and Zeeko alu. The latest has slightly better top end speed the formers are slightly easier to ride. At a 3rd of the price of the F-One and half of the Ketos the Zeeko alu is a no brainer.

So many more foils out there that I haven't tried which are certainly very good.

I choose to use the Sword Taaroa because it feels so clean through the water, has excellent performance while being relatively easy (more so Sword 2).

 Post subject: Re: Who has ridden the most foils?
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:13 pm 
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Foils owned :

- Carafino mx9
- Spotz 2 (Race and Slalom front wings)

Foils tested :

- Sword 1 and 2
- Slingshot (MHL)
- F-one
- Radical
- Ketos (Easy and Wave front wings)
- Zeeko alu
- Sroka alu
- Alpine Alu
- 2 DIY carbon foils
- 2 DIY alu foils

Worst : Carafino

Favourites : Spotz 2 with race wings and Sword 2

Best value for the money : Zeeko Alu

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