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Silly HF beginner issues

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Silly HF beginner issues

Postby abel » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:08 pm

1- My brand new HF mast had a paper sticker on top of the plate.
I attach and detach the mast every time I go for a session (small car, so doesn’t fit in when assembled).
Before my last session I decided to take the sticker out.
Of course most of the gluing stuff remained on the plate.
I didn’t want to scrap it with sharp tools or use paint thinner for the avoidance of harming the carbon.
Back on the beach I unscrewed the bolts as usual and tried to take off the mast from the board, it wouldn’t come out :!: :o :o :o
The plate was so hardly stuck to the board that I was afraid it will rip off the skin of the board. I did apply more torquing force until it detached :yumyum:
Finally I opted to use thinner to dissolve the glue. It worked OK without damaging the carbon.
Morale: beware of paper stickers on the mast plate, rub them out with paint thinner.

2- During a crash one of the lines got tangled around the HF board.
I was stuck to the bar and the bar closely to the HF.
While trying to detangle it, I saw a weird phenomenon… the tangle looked like it was around the board, but no part of the line could be seen on the other side. :-? :think:
F@!#n ridiculous situation. Lucky me the wind was only ~12knots.
Finally I found out that the line somehow managed to slide under a foot strap Velcro and the Velcro got pressed again over the line.WTF???
Morale: You better be lucky when shit happens :wink:

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