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Re: Is Shinn going to produce his own foil?

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:18 pm
by zeroowl
Had 2 sessions on Model P + Jackson 120
My first impressions - I love it ;-)

I already feel progression with jibes,tacks,etc...
It's a very nice combination of stability, ultra light wind, and fun.

Re: Is Shinn going to produce his own foil?

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:03 pm
by windsuks
My mrs on her Jackson and P foil
phpBB [video]


Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:55 pm
by Sombra
Hi Mark

I’m tall with feets sized 47, 107kg. I had a look at the fotos and there are some doubts.
You say its very stiff. Stiff enough for +100kg? Whats about the width of the board. Big foot’s like I am will have problems due to the elevated rails? One more question, whats the width between the two rails for the foil attachment? (I’m riding Zeeko Alu foil but I have the old and actual base plate)
And this leeds to the last question.
I’m living in Barcelona Spain (Spain by today, tomorrow we will see). Where can I get hands on a board or even test ride it?

Your HP is quite poor regarding prices, availability, tecnical specs and dealers.
And then is there the Facebook page that neither is very informativ. My personal feel was after visiting both pages that my question didn’t get answered.

Thank you very much in advance


Re: Is Shinn going to produce his own foil?

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:47 pm
by robclaisse
@Carsten - I ride a Shinn Jackson 145 and the foil. I'm 6'6", 106kg and 46/47 show size so pretty much the same. I too was a little worried about the stiffness issue as the El Stubbo was a bit flexi for my weight but the Jackson is plenty stiff enough, not something I worry about anymore. I can't say I've had any issues with the raised pads down the sides of the board, in fact, I find them helpful as I ride strapless so it helps to get my feet into the right place without looking down. I have ridden it with straps and my heels never seemed to find the rails pads in the way. And the F-foil is a good step up from the Zeeko Alu (I had that before), the f is a similar speed but seems to have better stability both in a straight line and when turning but the big improvement is the ability to recover when you vent the front wing. With the Zeeko, if any part of the front wing came out of the water I'd be crashing in instantly whereas the f-foil is way more forgiving and you can catch it again pretty easily.

Hope some of that helps but have to leave it to Mark to give you options for dealers, pricing etc.

(FYI, I'm not sponsored by Shinn but I do know Mark from years back and have had some fun chats with him about foiling and where it's all going :-)

Re: @Mark

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:40 am
by Shinnworld2
Hi Carsten,
I am over 100 kg and Jackson is stiff enough for me. In fact if you look at the picture below you can see me stood on it to show how much it flexes......
Jackson is 45cm wide this is on the website the track width is not (I will make a change there thanks for the tip) but I did assume that people would notice our foil plate is 165mm x 90mm and assume that it fits our foil board!
The elevated rails never come into play strapless or striped. I have size 45 feet and I attach a picture of my foot in the strap.... as you can see there is plenty of space even for much bigger feet than mine.
The trim tracks are at 90mm spacing, this is the most common foil plate spacing. Zeeko use 90mm for sure last year and this year, previously I don't know sorry.

We don't sell from our webpage so we don't put pricing or availability there, this is info you need to get from a dealer.
If you send me a mail on I will put you in contact with your nearest dealer.

Our social media is not designed to be a source of technical information, the website is designed to do that and we always answer queries made through the contact page or Facebook to give information that is not readily noticable.

Hope this helps a little


Re: Is Shinn going to produce his own foil?

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:44 pm
by Sombra
Thank you very much to everybody. Got my questiones answered.

I’ll send you an email.

Enjoy the wind!!!