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QuickFin for foil?

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QuickFin for foil?

Postby faklord » Mon May 01, 2017 8:42 pm

I wonder if something along these lines could be used to attach a foil to a board?

Might have to be a bit more than a bit of injection molded plastic though.

Potentially this type of device could be used on both plate mount and 'finbox' type mounts.
Could save quite a bit of hassle for those who have to break down their kit for transport. Never been very keen on repetitive assembly/dissassembly of screw threads in a wet sandy environment.

For those horrible dead onshore days, I could almost imagine kiting out through the waves carrying a detached foil (strapped to your back?) then once out the back, snap it in and away you go. What could possibly go wrong :D

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