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4th session foiled and learned a ton

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4th session foiled and learned a ton

Postby lovethepirk » Sun May 28, 2017 5:33 am

Long post sorry...just stoked. Gonna ask questions from now on, not so much chronicle my abusive relationship with this race foil :P

After my first session I thought I was gonna hang the foil up. Now, I'm beyond stoked to go out in any light sea breeze the rest of the summer. I'm almost as stoked for these summer sea breezes as the nuclear sessions on a TT. Thanks for the replies and advice as always. :thumb:

Let me say to any beginners like me EAR protection. I blew my ear drum out on a 30+ ft boost on a TT this winter and some of my simple crashes on the foil have been as bad on my ear in my opinion, but I have the gath surf convertible helmet with ear protection. I can't recommend the ear protection part of the helmet equation enough. If you don't have ear protection on your helmet as a beginner you've made a mistake imho. I'm so glad I paid up for that helmet.

Today, the only guys out were racers on race foils and an 18m and 15m foil kite.

I blew up the 17m Contra(with such a nasty lean to the right I won't even sell it) and waited an hour until 6pm and finally said fk it let's do this. My 1st two kite dives I crashed the kite into the water...shit show, pissed off spending 2 minutes relaunching the bitch, walked the sandbar back upwind for 10min to get back to home base meditating on what I did wrong. Lesson learned in really light wind you can't dive the hell out of the kite b/c you have to ride towards the kite so much more than a twin tip to get that board speed and you have to have the kite high enough where it can chill as you then have the board speed to edge against it and tighten the center lines. Board speed is paramount, once you have it, it's almost like the kite size doesn't matter. Makes me wonder if I'd have been better off on the 14m kite b/c it's faster. Def would have preferred the 14m once up to speed without question, still learning. Launching a 14m in 11mph winds just feels wrong, lol.

My third try in 11mph winds I cycled the kite a few times thinking this wasn't going to happen at all...then I catch a little wave that helps me and all the sudden I am hauling ass bar fully out and I'm still not even foiling yet! I go a mile out and a mile back and I am way the fk upwind!!! Crazy :thumb:

Starting the day I was hell bent on foiling so I was going for broke. My next tack, I bent my legs and moved the hips a little forward and tried to foil and got up a bunch of times a few for a damn good amount of time, zero crashes! I was playing the up and down game a lot, but this was my first day on the foil so no worries. At this point when I foil I go slightly more downwind than when I just skim across the surface with a stronger edge. Either way, I was going way the fk up wind in 11mph winds bar out on a 17m inflatable.

So far my back foot has been placed ahead of my back strap, but snug against it today. My back legs were so exhausted after 5 miles of riding I had to quit. I did 3 sessions b/c of this...the last sesh I put my back foot into the the back strap and the back foot pressure was soooo much less and everything evened out, BUT DAMN the board was so much more unstable in both pitch and yaw. I couldn't believe the difference. My last two tacks, I went back to foot ahead of strap to enjoy the sunset a little and take it all in. At this point, I can foil much longer with foot ahead of strap vs in the strap, but my back leg gets worn out. My stabilizer is 2 deg offset from front wing which George at Delta Hydrofoil advises and others have rode my foil and said it is sweet, so it's something I need to work thru imo.

My goal now is to extend my foil rides and figure out how to manage putting my back foot in the strap without feeling like I'm a 350 lb linebacker on ice skates.

The takeaway I learned from this session was that you have to go downwind to get board speed much more so than on a twintip as a beginner, I see more advanced foilers get up faster, but I feel as a beginner going downwind to get that board speed up and applying forward pressure gets you stable. It's 100% counter intuitive as a beginner to do this b/c you are conditioned to safeguard yourself by edging on a TT, but if you do that on a foil it's's safer to haul ass downwind with weight forward and VERY slowly work your way towards an upwind tack. Second, and I have never heard this before....BUT my back foot feels like it IS THE WING once I am foiling. If I need to adjust the wing in the water I do it with the back foot....I felt like they were connected to each other. I think there is too much emphasis placed on the forward foot and not enough discussion on the back foot which to me feels like the wing. Whatever my back foot did the foil did. Third, riding the board flat in the water or skimming the water going upwind is much easier than foiling, foiling is an intense moment where you are using ALL your kiting skills and board skills to offer the God's a gift as to not hit the face of the next swell and eat salt for dinner.

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Re: 4th session foiled and learned a ton

Postby TomW » Sun May 28, 2017 12:22 pm

Share the stoke man!
I use ear plugs. Same reason as you.
I'd recommend just removing the back strap. I'm using 2 center placed foothooks. Rear foothook is in racer position.
That way you can move your back foot. I'm finding that I move it forward, back and to lee or windward - small adjustments lite 10- 30mm - depending on point of sail.
Every person in my area that used straps has sprained their ankles using straps. Local dealer sold out 2 shipments ( 30 pair) of foothooks basically overnight. can't get anymore.

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Re: 4th session foiled and learned a ton

Postby Big Wally » Sun May 28, 2017 12:25 pm

Great input. I PM ed you.

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Re: 4th session foiled and learned a ton

Postby Kamikuza » Sun May 28, 2017 12:52 pm

Yep you're getting it :thumb:

IMO you're better of with the feet in the "right" position (and no back strap) or no more than an inch forward and actually using your body weight-shift properly--my pet "yoga side lunges" theory of balance :D It'll pay dividends in the future. . . . When I searched, people said the straps on my foil were in a perfect position, so I forced myself to learn like that.

With your rear foot back, you'll have more control over pitch and waves will be less trouble as you can follow the terrain and glide over them. Remember what Greg says . . . actually, I forget the exact words, but it's something like keep your knees moving so you don't stiffen up.

You'll go upwind better when you can poo stance and drive the board upwind, edged over. Then you'll be all like, "holy f**k am I going directly into the wind?!?!"

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Re: 4th session foiled and learned a ton

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun May 28, 2017 6:59 pm

Good to hear you are getting there :thumb:

Regarding the "going downwind and not halfwind like on TTs" you talk about, dont worry, it is good when learning as you get more room for your timing.
But later you start halfwind just as on any other board, and edging it also, easy when you can as just a matter of time till you can, meaning "timing" :D

It is only if the wind is ridiculously light you might have to loop the kite and go downwind to gain speed and get up foiling, and even here it is often better to head higher to get more apparent wind thus power :naughty:

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