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Wave Riding Foils, not really waveriding

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Re: Wave Riding Foils, not really waveriding

Postby ronnie » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:43 pm

juandesooka wrote:
Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:30 pm
A new video posted of foiling in the waves in Baja. ... -a-breeze/

Wind is side off, less than 10mph they report, so assume it is 5-6kt. Looks like fun, playing in the waves. Though the surfer purists may well question if it is "surfing" or just kiting in and around waves.

In that light wind, I suspect a regular surfboard with kite wouldn't work. Hate to say it, but the windsurfer seems to have the best waveriding tool for that situation, as they are able to stay in the pocket and ride the wave down the line. Not being a hater, just an observation.

But also a general observation ... how much FUN does that set up look?!?! Mmmm

PS can't get vimeo embedding to work:
To get the video embedding to work, there is an instruction when you put the pointer on the Vimeo tag - to remove the s from https, and put in www. before vimeo. ie. etc

Foils seem to be more efficient and go upwind better. That might create an opportunity for a different type of kite? - I'm thinking maybe a kite that can be dragged directly into the wind while you use the power of the wave to ride directly into the wind.

eg. You can see at times that this windsurfer, because he can feather the sail almost directly into the wind, can ride upwind to get back into the pocket when he needs to.

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Re: Wave Riding Foils, not really waveriding

Postby ulx » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:12 am

I am sure there is so much more to come. Maybe the new big surf foils like Go Foil, Takuma and others will be one way to explore the waves with a kite with very little kite-input while riding waves. For me, one of the best kitefoil-sessions this year was one with very little wind. Very hard to get going with my 6m and the Ketos wave wing (and kakoo pocket board). But when on the wave I had hardly any power from the kite. All I had to look for was to give it a twist when changing direction on the wave and keep it in the air. I suppose the session would have been even better with something like the Takuma foil. I have one on its way and hope to be able to compare soon. I really bought it for SUP foiling but without having tried it yet I hope it will be great for little-kite-input-wave-foiling, too.

As always that is not the way for everyone. Like riding surfboards strapped or strapless and so on. It will be great to see what is possible when more young guns start to discover wave-kite-foiling for themselves. Like SUP-foiling is going off at the moment with people like Kai Lenny riding in circles with his Surf-foil. And now Austin Kalama getting into a foil on complete flat water with a SUP foil and his paddle.

I am very curious, too, if these eFoils will be something. Just ditching the kites altogether and being propelled out into the next wave and then just ride it without the motor? Cool video about it from Lift.

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