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Video Reviews: 2017 Levitaz Freeride Foil

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Pedro Marcos
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Re: Video Reviews: 2017 Levitaz Freeride Foil

Postby Pedro Marcos » Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:25 pm

gmb13 wrote:
Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:55 pm
No not really. I prefer the shorter mast for freeriding. I don't heel the board over that much as upwind angle is not really a priority. The 91cm mast also makes the foil more reactive and turn tighter.

So a good quiver would be the fluente for freestyle and waveriding, and the Comet for speed, cruising, jumping ?

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Re: Video Reviews: 2017 Levitaz Freeride Foil

Postby gmb13 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:44 pm

I would not really consider the Comet a cruising foil. The Vorrace Sport sounds more like what you are looking for.


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Re: Video Reviews: 2017 Levitaz Freeride Foil

Postby TomW » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:26 pm

I'm a beginner, session 14 today on 2016 Fluente with 548 wing. It was difficult 5 sessions ago, now it feels easy.

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