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Anybody use hydrofoils for kite and windsurfing?

A forum dedicated to Hydrofoil riders

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Anybody use hydrofoils for kite and windsurfing?

Postby SaulOhio » Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:06 pm

I am working on my own hydrofoils, and need advice. I have my kitesurfing foil finished, at least my first prototype, and have had some success learnignto foil on it.

I want to also put a hydrofoil on my windsurfers. Can anyone who does both answer some questions?

How different is the angle of attack on the rear stabilizer for windsurfing? For a kite hydrofoil, its about 4-6 degrees.

Can you use a smaller mast, even when you get powered up more?

Does the front wing have to be much farther ahead of the mast than a kite foil? Does the rear stabilizer have to be farther back? Does a longer fuselage help? Or should it be shorter?


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Re: Anybody use hydrofoils for kite and windsurfing?

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:50 pm


I am both kitefoiling and windfoiling.

But not windfoiling as much yet, as kitefoil, as the last is much easier in terms of taking up less space, and you can foil in a much bigger windrange - where you are "parked" on a windfoil if too low wind.

It seems, having measured on my friends veeeery different windfoils, that they often use a bigger rear wing, and lower (more negative) AOA on the rear wing, and position the front wing further forward on the fuselage.

All is (IMO) only to obtain a correct trim, so you can use the normal Tuttle box windsurf boards got.

I have put a new box (KFBox in my case, as I have the Ketos modular foils with different wings and masts) a lot further forward on my windsurfer, to get the trim "right", without changing the kitefoil in any way, just using my big one around 800 cm2.

This way it has a good trim, so I dont need to push hard on my backfoot to elevate the foil, and I can stand in front of the rear strap too, foiling.
The latter would be impossible if too far aft.

I can not say yet, if it works fine or not, as I havent had the time to compare yet (but in time I will, as some of my friends got different windfoils I will try)

Personally, I dont like the idea of making tweaks in the AOA and rear wing size, if ONLY to get it to work with a wrongly positioned Tuttle box as "per se" on standard windsurf boards - and this is why I decided to make my own windfoil using a standard light wind kitefoil, but moving it forward (in two attempts) to get it right.

My third attemp or so with my first setup:

As said, this is purely my personal opinions and thoughts, that I feel something is wrong with the mainstream trim, but I might be wrong, as I ride FAR more kitefoil, and only occasionally windfoil.

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