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From 0 to newbie foil rider - 4 session progression and observations

A forum dedicated to Hydrofoil riders

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From 0 to newbie foil rider - 4 session progression and observations

Postby jeromeL » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:27 pm

Here is my progression for first 4 sessions, should be pretty accurate experience of what's it's like to learn hydrofoil for any noob out there ;)
No advice or anything since I am noob but here is what I have observed and noted as a newbie.
First of all zeeko with shinn el stubbo works pretty well but probably helped that my first few session I was powered well on 14m.

Day 1 : focus on riding board on surface

Day 1.5 : repaired wing with some epoxy lol

Day 2: riding foil in the air

Day 3: small S turn and broad reach (aka riding downwind )

Day 4: heel to toeside turn, Jibe/Gybe (or is it Jybe lol) without switching feet...

Day 4.5: not enough wind to foil WTF ;(

Next: not sure how many more I will make since i probably won't be able to tack or switch my feet next session lol. Maybe I will make another one when I try backroll or jump ;)

Day 1 : focus on riding board on surface
phpBB [video]

- very powered on 14m then 10m...
- tried to figure out best way to get in water with foil, after 4 session I got better but first was definitly awkward, should have practiced more
- getting up is hard
- eventually I focused on trying to stand all the way up on foil instead of trying to lean in harness.
- keeping legs somewhat straight helps with small flex in front leg but eventually it's muscle memory. With that setup I don't feel like all my weight is in front, I am pretty much balanced between 2 feet. (compared to twintip it is a lot more forward I guess...)
- I would try to keep board on water surface full session, I noticed that even though board is on water surface you are still foiling under water... It helps control the pitch but in order to ride flat on surface you still have to control yaw and roll a little bit which is very helpful for second day.
- as soon as you can ride board flat you can go upwind very easily, it's a bit hard to head downwind but after a few try it's easy to keep board flat and aim far downwind.

Day 2: riding foil in the air
phpBB [video]

- barely powered on 14m but still depowered...
- Sleeping on it, I was pretty much able to control foil in the air right away after Day1, I guess sleeping on it and visualizing it helps get all the muscle memory down ;)
- Anyway like everyone said you can try to understand how to control foil but it kind of comes down to muscle memory in the end. I would say just keep riding the board on surface for another hour and try to get up. I don't think you need that many attempt to get up, if you ride board flat long enough you can pretty much get up and keep pitch on first try.
- feet placement is important, a bit too close to one of the rail and heel or toe pressure isn't enough to recover from bad roll...
- anyway not much advice here, it kind of just works ;)
- looking at water right in front of board helped me, and being very focused on pitch.
- I was keeping kite way too low which made me get somewhat overpowered and loose control a few times.
- it's strange how turning upwind feels like you are picking up speed briefly. So if you feel overpowered it's probalby best to bring kite up.

Day 3
phpBB [video]

9m FX on fifth line mod. had to depower it all the way to stay controlled.
- not much advice it's still all muscle memory.
- anyway I was able to aim on a broad reach, first few tries feel very floaty, you don' have much pull from kite so need to balance on board a lot more.
- it can be hard to keep enough power in kite, I guess it's best to pick up some speed cross wind then turn donwind keeping kite high.
- a few failed attempt to turn to toeside while sendking kite through 12 o clock but kept stalling

Day 4
phpBB [video]

9m bandit, didn't need to depower and hard to water relaunch, had to do some loop to get up and ride.
- tried to transition to toeside but this time with a downloop, this is the way to do it!
- downloop in lightwind is pretty hard, kite kept stalling though loop, I need to make the turn a bit tighter or time the downloop a bit later and slower.
- anyway I was able to ride foil up to toeside eventually but the falls are pretty painful, kept falling shin first on the rail of el stubbo which which hard and thin ;(, was bruised all over but nothing that couldn't recover after a day.

Day 4.5: not enough to go on 10m.
Tried 10m Flite.
I need to imrpove my body drag technique, would have been a bit easier with more wind,
I could get up but needed a bit more speed to foil up but kept hitting the bottom...
Eventually got up on foil but kept stalling after 50 yards.
Some point wind died and body dragged back as I couldn't get up on foil. I was able to stand up but the board would sink and drag too much to pick up enough speed on foil.
Flite doesn't have much power in loop, my first time using it and I don't have right technique to get enough power through the water start loop...

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Re: From 0 to newbie foil rider - 4 session progression and observations

Postby Alvaro » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:14 pm

Great review, very happy for you.

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Re: From 0 to newbie foil rider - 4 session progression and observations

Postby Pedro Marcos » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:05 pm

I think i had the exact same crashes as you when learning :) some can be abit scary.

Switching feet in the air will take some time, i still can only do it from heelside to toeside.

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