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same hydrofoil for SUP?

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Re: same hydrofoil for SUP?

Postby BWD » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:44 pm

As Gunnar has written, about the takuma mast:

The Axis, RRD, new Naish, new Slingshot masts will all fit. The masts all come form the same factory.

The spacing is 40mm from hole to hole.

I think the problem with SUP and long mast foils aside from injury and running aground is the length of the SUP means you have a huge lever acting on the mast especially while crashing. It breaks the mast.

Also if you have a big foil and a wide board, you ride with less kite power and a more upright stance, less need for long mast. But if you do try it, use a windfoil instead, its more likely to be strong enough.

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