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Does a Lift foil fit into an Acura MDX assembled?

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Re: Does a Lift foil fit into an Acura MDX assembled?

Postby BWD » Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:46 pm

I don't claim anything is clear!
the energy to produce a gallon of gas is typically reported as equivalent to 5-6kwh, which in electrical form could power an electric car for 20 miles.
BUT the energy to make the gas mainly comes from the oil itself, to heat the distillation columns and generate electricity at the refinery from waste heat etc.
The obvious allure of carbon fuels as resources is the energy is already stored, and available.
The energy to power the electric car would in all likelihood be largely also derived from carbon based fuels.
If you want to do the math on the v8 engine in detail, go for it. I haven't, I was paraphrasing a quote from the first place I saw a reference to the article cited.
But in brief if it's a fairly efficient 20mpg car on the highway I suppose we are talking about 50000 kWh needed to produce the battery pack as the equivalent to 10000gal gas burned to power the combustion engine. You can blame the gas car for an extra 5kWh/gal burned I suppose, or the electric car for the diesel to power the train that took the coal to the power plant that recharged its battery. Or the cost of disposing of spent nuclear fuel, depending....

My point in all this is nothing's free, and there are hidden costs at every stage of energy creation and transformation.
Probably the only reason the carbon based systems are still so prevalent is they can save a few steps, and their hidden costs are complex and sometimes hidden.
To me solar is the most intriguing alternative energy conceptually as it is the only practical method I can think of to get all those electrons moving usefully without either constant streams of byproducts or spinning a lot of wire and/or magnets in a circle.

i already have an old gas burning vehicle that can fit a foilboard. When it needs replacing, electric or hybrid would be cool. I can see the new tech only getting better.

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Re: Does a Lift foil fit into an Acura MDX assembled?

Postby TomW » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:04 pm

I'm over in Europe and just got a VW Sharan, the most unexciting vehicle made. But I love it.
Electric back hatch and sliding side doors. It takes 2 surfboards, 1 Un assembled kiteboard -foil 3 kites, 2 harnesses, wetsuit and other small gear.
And I'm only folding one of the 3 back seats
Note : I have 2016 Moses Fluente with 93cm mast and it just fits between the wheel wells. A 100cm wouldn't fit straikght in the back hatch.
Pic is without surfboards.
2017-07-26 15.16.20.jpg

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