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Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

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Pedro Marcos
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Re: Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

Postby Pedro Marcos » Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:07 pm


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Re: Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

Postby edt » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:34 am

I think you want to wear whatever protection you need to ride hard and be aggressive. Some folks need more protection some need less. If you get up on the foil and feel scared and can't progress go grab an impact vest. Because you are asking the question I think yeah put one on, the reason being that you'll feel safer and faster progression is a happier progression. Don't take others word for what you need, wear enough so that you feel like you ride without being scared. :-) In general I don't think anyone needs an impact vest but when wearing one makes you more comfortable you want to do it. It's the same reason you want to wear a wetsuit even if it's perfectly safe to go out in your board shorts, so you feel comfortable instead of freezing your balls off. Even if it's possible to go kiting in board shorts, if you don't feel comfortable, it's hard to learn new stuff and progress when you are afraid to crash into the water. Impact vest is the same thing.

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Re: Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

Postby lovethepirk » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:38 am

Haven't read the thread, but here's my experience...I wore an impact vest every time I went out learning and 10 sessions after I was finally feeling rock solid. I'm riding the helmet 100% of the time tho. It's hot as hell here so I almost had to stop wearing the vest as I almost collapsed post session a couple weeks ago from heat exhaustion after a hard core boosting 1.5 hr session. I haven't worn one since, but I know when to go balls to the wall and when not to now.

My biggest mistake, thankfully with the vest on, was rigging the 14m in 18knots. I was completely fine, except one instance where the kite got low to the water and it was so powered I couldn't get it up so I was just on a death tack going 30+. I crashed hard but turned my back into the water and was completely fine due to the vest. I rode the 12m today in 20knots after riding TT for a boosting sesh and was able to completely tame the speed by never ever, ever, ever letting the kite get even close to low. Wish I had the gopro today on that sesh, def my biggest jumps ever off the face of 6 ft waves. So sick!

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Re: Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

Postby Dwight » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:09 pm

I like the extra cushion it gives to my harness. Like a pillow under my harness.

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Re: Do U use an impact vest for hydrofoiling?

Postby BWD » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:49 pm

Still don't have one but it's on the wish list, for float as well as impact.
Yesterday had some wind drop-outs toward end of session that left me barely floating with a 95% submerged paipo foilboard. Once missed a chance to restart in a little puff when the board got between center lines and the kite pull drove it 3 feet underwater. Swimming a neutrally buoyant board in without any wind is no fun. A little extra float on the board or body would help.

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