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Nobile Infinity Split review

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Nobile Infinity Split review

Postby BigSky » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:42 pm

Greetings. I did a lot of research and finally dropped the money on the infinity. I have a 138 split from Nobile and I really like it. I was looking to include my foil arsenal into my travel plans. I'm new to foiling but getting good, long rides and really enjoying myself a lot. Out of the box the board heavy but is very nice looking. I was, however, very disappointed with the straps. It's a fixed pattern with very little room for expansion. I have small feet (8.5 US) and the largest version does not leave a lot of room for foiling. On my first outing I was overpowered and really cruising along. The tight straps really distracted me and made me very nervous. I was bailing out earlier than normal for fear of hurting my ankle or foot. A few of the times I had a hard time getting my foot out to abandon ship. It was bad enough the I loosed 1 side (I do like they screw system) while out in the water and had a go at strapless. It worked but that's not how I wanted to first try strapless.

I'm a long time backcountry skier that mounts my own skis. I've used these inserts for years and trust them at high speeds and in high consequence terrain. I've mounting several things on my boat (saltwater) and they've held over the years. They are super strong and really useful. I mounted 2 inserts in the center of the board for a foot hook. I also shimmed the hook so it's very loose fitting. I will probably add a 3rd insert for a single, center strap .

Image Image

I haven't ridden is surf board style yet though I'm sure it performs fine for my needs. I wish I had the opportunity but I don't find myself in real waves - yet. I also had to make an adapter to attach the Stringy foil since the LF adapter plate is not 165 x 90m. I contacted Stringy and he's considering making his latest "quick connector" plates for this mounting dimension since it's the most universal. At home I use the Lift Foil which I'm really liking. In all, it looks great and the board will make travel easier, but I'm disappointed. cheers.
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Re: Nobile Infinity Split review

Postby Adventure Logs » Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:19 pm

Pics don't work but I'm very interested in this. Been using my Zen split setup now for 9 months on the road and it's held up great. I too dislike the strap setup and was planning on putting inserts for a center strap and something for the rear strap so I can jump with the board.

A big plus side I've found with disliking the strap layout is my strapless foiling has greatly improved.

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