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How I learned to Foil w/touchdown gybes in 3 days

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How I learned to Foil w/touchdown gybes in 3 days

Postby RadDrDuke » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:26 am

Here's some encouragement for beginners out there!

My experience from awhile back.

Stats: Experienced kiter, relatively young and coordinated, very steady winds (12-17knots) w/12 meter kite. LF Happy Foil including the short mast. Strapless board. Impact vest.

Day 1: Practiced for an hour or so behind a boat with the full-size mast learning the basics of foot position and weight distribution. Lots of discouraging wipeouts. Relatively bummed going into day 2.

Day 2: Used the short mast and rode a waist deep area for ~2 hours working on short runs and takeoffs. Shallows made it very comfortable and safe to practice. Practicing riding without taking off was very helpful, also keeping kite high is crucial. Fun day but not amazing.

Day 3: Continued practicing for ~4 hours with the short mast. S-turns, riding both feet forward, and touchdown gybes by the end.

Addicted and off to foiling with the long mast confidently

The short mast was really crucial because it allowed me to stand up and reset whenever I crashed in complete confidence. You could get a short mast and go to Hatteras and learn foiling in the waist deep sound in a week flat.

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