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Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:30 pm
by Windigo1
I have the 145 Jackson and the P wing with 60cm mast. I just started foiling altogether. So far I have about 3 hours on this board and after an hour I was already riding long stretches like 500M in the air. I have no other foiling experience but I think this setup is really easy to learn on.

I have seen other experienced riders try for hours and hours without succeeding on other foils. I don't think I'm a super gifted rider either, I have been riding for a long time but on twintips but I don't do very advanced moves. The Shinn foil may not be the most advanced but I can attest that it's certainly one of the most accessible for people getting into the sport. Other people that I know have reported a similar experience. Maybe after a year or 2 I'll outgrow it but at the moment I'm really enjoying my experience on this setup!

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:43 pm
by windmaker
As I said , its my personal experience and I do know it takes some time to adapt when changing from one foil to another.

The foil I tried was a friends , we swapped in the water, I remember it was called Jackson and didn't pay attention to the size but it wasn't a 120 so probably the 145 . First remark was how easy it was to waterstart strapless. Due to its very low volume the board sinks and makes it much easier to keep on it's rail than "conventional "boards. Actually I think that if it wasn't for it's very thick pad (round the edge) which creates little buoyancy the hole thing could sink :)
Once up and going if you try to go at anything but snail speed the hole thing vibrates. Back to the beach to check out closer. The wings have a very nice finish, so nice it looks like plastic (hard to tell what it really is ) but one thing is sure though they bent like plastic between your fingers. Not sure weather the board might be the stiffest in it's class but it is not stiff enough. Just like the wings a foil board should have zero flex. As for the rocker, didn't bother to measure it but it felt minimal and I normally ride pocket boards.

As I said, just my opinion. Fact, everyone is having problem with supply this year (especially alloys) but If you are starting out, like the brand or the looks of it this set up go buy it.

No idea of it's price but within the most affordable alloy foils, I enjoyed, and in no particular order the Zeeko alloys, the Kitefoil Manta, slingshot alloy (although very heavy, still nice ride), F-one alloy/Hybrid (more expensive) and I am sure there will be many more others.

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:15 am
by Shinnworld2
Couple of comments....
Harri, thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry about your pad. This problem has only effected a few boards and we have changed both the type of glue and the procedure of applying it now. Please send me a mail to about it.

Windmaker, I'm not sure how other companies prepare their products but I can assure you I test everything we make personally and in the case of foil boards their flotation is an important thing (somewhat obviously). I lost a prototype foil from sinking (the board broke) and I am quite aware of this problem! When you talk about the wing flexing are you talking about the wing or the stabiliser? From your comments about the noise I suspect that you tried one of the foils with the faulty rear stabiliser and it was in fact broken. Regarding the performance of the foil you didn't mention which foil you were testing? If you have 12 years foiling experience and you tried the P wing then I can imagine it was not very interesting for you and comparing it to other Freeride foils would not be a very comparable test.

I attach a few items here for transparency....

Me standing on an F wing
Me trying to bend a stabiliser
Me standing on a Jackson.

All of these are production spec parts. You can make your own judgements on the stiffness.


Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:24 pm
by windmaker
Hi Mark, sure I understand you are just defending your product (and doing it very well), on my side I really do not wish to argue and just giving my feed back.

All I did was to have a go on a Shinn foil a friend lend me, wether it was a P,S,X or whatever foil I don't know but you are right I only tried to bend the stabilizer which might have been different than the one on your video, not sure, all I remember was the yellow colour and it's flexibility. Was only trying to find the cause for all the vibration. If I get the opportunity maybe I will make a video too.

Didn't test the flexibility of the front wing, after all a foil is only as good as it's weakest point, but the board was definitely softer than any "traditional construction" board I have ever tested and probably the heaviest especially for it's size/volume.

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:44 pm
by sedluk
I bought two brand new Shinn Bronq XL boards and paid full retail, over $2,000. I get them and they have the shitty plastic handles and they often break the first time you use them. Mine broke the first time I used mine. I know that they have new handles and ask for the new handles.

I get an invoice for 32 euros and had to pay for them. I am not very price sensitive and did not complain but I thought that it was shitty, they can some make products but I found that you have to be very careful.

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:59 pm
by Shinnworld2
The plastic handle was phased out before the Bronq XL was added to the range. For sure we never shipped this combination from Shinnworld.
We also never charged anyone for a warranty replacement handle so something strange is going on here. Please mail me on with details so I can look into it. If a dealer has charged for a warranty I would like to find out why.
We stand 100% behind our product and will continue to do so.

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:32 pm
by sedluk
It is all water under the bridge now, I hope you guys step up to the plate on all current and future issues.

Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:38 pm
by Shinnworld2
Hi Windmaker
I'm not being pedantic but I do find it important, if you make comment on a product you should at least know what it is and consider it's target rider. especially when you state yourself a foiler of 12 years experience which implies you have experience and have an opinion recent foilers should trust.

If tomorrow I test a Flysurfer Sonic Race kite and then make a review that it is the worst unhooked kite I ever used and I can't believe the "new" kite manufacturers have not learnt the mistakes of the past.... well that's a pretty harsh review I think.

If the foil you tested had a faulty stabiliser then yes, it would have been very flexible as most likely it was cracked and more to the point I am surprised it didn't snap in your hands!!!!


Re: Shinn Jackson foil 120

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:21 am
by UKSurf
Although I dont have the Shinn Foil (I have the LF) I have had quite a few Shinn boards over time and I have always thought there construction was pretty good so I am surprised at these claims. That said people have also been posting that the LF hydrofoil/board is a also badly constructed which is definitely not the case in my experience.