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Re: Hydrofoiling transitions in 5 knots

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:54 am
by evan
We were talking race setups isn't It, with a 21m sonic pro?

When i am able to pump/loop myself onto the foil I have enough power with a 20m to hit 25kn downwind so carrying that momentum through a gybe and keep tension in the lines is not that hard.
Hitting a decent speed upwind is way harder and the angle so bad you almost need a 180deg turn in your tack slowing you down even more. But maybe It is because I am too used to foiling tacks at high speed that my kite is not in a safe position to downloop when i get caugth in too little wind. The difference in wind speed between able to foiling tacks and not foil at all has become so small that I forgot how to do them safe on longer lines I think.