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Timing when carving

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Re: Timing when carving

Postby TomW » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:04 pm

I've just become consistent on those turns. I found I was struggling when I kept the kite too high in the turn.
If wind is not too powerful, start with kite low at 1000 or 1400. Do a little cut upwind, stand-up on the board, Then bring kite into a good and strong turn, simultaneously. don't be too weak in kite turn initiation. As kite turns, turn foil by yaw, lean, looking to where you will turn. During turn the kite is in sync with you.
I found it helps to visualize nose of board swinging in 180 arc in downward sweep towards water. This helps keep front foot pressure and foil in the water.

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Re: Timing when carving

Postby juandesooka » Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:58 pm

Kited a light wind session yesterday, where I needed to have the timing right to keep enough speed to not bog down in turns. I thought about this I found I couldn't quite remember the timing when I tried to describe it, kinda just do it. As well, with a 12m kite in 10kts it moves so slow you have to time it or it stalls.

I was initiating kite turn just before starting board turn. Whip the kite through its turn fast as possible to gain speed. Just before kite completed its turn, I did quick 180 turn with board (actually a little less than 180, come out of turn slightly toward downwind). Goal was to be heading in new direction timed exactly with surge of power as kite re engages in new direction. Get it right and it's a seamless transfer of board speed and kite power. Get it wrong and you bog and have to get up on plane again, possibly session over. :-)

I am not much of a looper but tried it with transition loops too. My timing isn't quite perfect so there was more risky moments, I didn't find a huge advantage either way. Maybe with better timing it would be a smoother transfer of power, less lag between the kite turn and power surge.

Don't know if that helps. It was interesting to break it down vs just doing it by muscle memory.

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Re: Timing when carving

Postby bigtone667 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:02 pm

I think the timing becomes more critical in lighter winds as well.

I nearly always start a session with an "up loop" turn to see if there is enough wind strength to support it without dropping the board onto the water. The lighter the wind, the later I have to wait to initiate the turn on the foil after the kite is travelling in the opposite direction.

If I am down looping, I turn the foil first and I am generally 50% through the turn before I start downlooping the kite.

If the wind is high (20+ knots), I rarely down loop unless I am already doing a downwind run).

I suspect foil wing size is also important in making all this stuff easier in light winds.

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