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Viron1/2 is anyone using them?

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:44 am
by foilholio
They look good for kids? A local got one and said the performance was crap? Freeride with a hydrofoil? Anyone?

I flew a 6 and it wouldn't generate much power flying it around.

Re: Viron1/2 is anyone using them?

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:39 pm
by ciscokitesurfer
I have the 6 meter and I used it to learn to fly the kite on a skateboard then on a twin tip. I used it on windy days until the safety line broke from inside the kite. I have progress and the kite is sitting in my garage collecting dust. cheers

Re: Viron1/2 is anyone using them?

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:40 pm
by Hardwater Kiter
The Viron is an odd but good kite. Didn't like the first version but love the current one.

We use the Viron 2 as a teaching kite for high wind days. The 2.5m is super easy to fly in high winds (25-35kts) and fun as hell in 35kts+. It will build power but not aggressively like many other kites. It's designed to instill confidence for the timid and/or shorten the learning process for everyone which it seems to do well. We use the 4m and 2.5m for kids and lighter riders when our Access v6 are too much. Although there is a ton of overlap in performance between the Access 4m and Viron 2 4m.

Out of the bag it flies pretty mediocre. Slow turning etc... Stock settings are geared toward keeping the kite from being too zippy. But where we are, with our lack of steady wind, you have to be able to move the kite a lot to keep it airborne. So with the simple setting adjustment under the floats the kite handles great. The stock knot positions under the floats didn't work for us. One not gave too much back line and was too slow. The Next setting was too backstally. But it's simple to move the knots and get it "just right" depending on your needs or tastes.

Depowers very much like a Peak. But without the flutter. In testing we found the 2.5m comfortable to hot launch in 20kts hands free as long as you didn't fight it. Pretty sweet.

There is an 8m version in the works. :D