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Recoating kite fabric

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Re: Recoating kite fabric

Postby gwicke » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:49 pm

A downside of silicone caulk is its softness, which I think contributes to the fabric remaining relatively stretchy along the bias (diagonally). Looking at a few datasheets, it seems that harder silicone formulations contain more fumed silica (cab-o-sil) filler, which is also commonly used to thicken up Epoxy (and toothpaste). The GE caulk I used has around 5-10% for a 20 shore A cured hardness, while slightly harder silicones have 15%. ... rubber.pdf has a graph indicating that 30% fumed silica by weight would result in a 46 shore A hardness. That might be a bit extreme, but I could see adding 5-10% to silicone caulk work well.

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