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foil kite lines - opposite of LEI?

For all foil kite riders

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Re: foil kite lines - opposite of LEI?

Postby Jamie-NYC » Sun May 29, 2016 5:53 pm

7.5-8mph wind this AM, laid out kite one more time, and studied the bridles again. The grey pigtail clearly went to the bridles on the leading edge, and tugging on them would not engage the pulleys for the mixer. The grey lines go to the bar ends. No way that was going to be correct. Long story short, I mismatched colors and flew the kite no problems - takeaway is that THE A15 18M CAME FROM THE FACTORY WITH THE LINES REVERSED. I have a 12m never unwrapped/new that looks like it has the same issue. I will change the pigtails so that colors match.

As for the flight itself, makes me a little worried, I flew the 18m in light wind (7.5-8mph) on the beach only (beach is very, very wide), and could easily float myself across 20 feet of sand. Had the kite basically fully de-powered. Just an amazing amount of pull/lift. And unlike an LEI, even parked at 12 it is lifting, even with the bar all the way out - not lofting me, but steady pull. So, will have to be careful about wind range - and when I replace chicken loop, may make the bar throw a little longer (I have long arms).

As for the flying, the kite just wants to stay in the air, totally great. Landing will be a learning experience - will move the knots for the brake handle further up the rear lines. Took the kite over to the edge of the window and low, then pulled brake lines, hooked to my usual Ikea bag self-launch/land anchor, worked perfectly the second time. The first time did not have enough pull on the brake lines, kite rolled over a number of times and stayed fully upright, nose down at the middle of the window. The bag did not drag, but only 8mph wind - if 12mph, likely different story. Also got the kite put away much more cleanly - a big step.

No issues launching, and had one successful reverse launch as well. All in all, very happy. Wind coming up, water is cold, so no more for today, time for LEI.

Note again, foilholio - the FLS pulled right through the ring. I think I have a solution that will not involve restricting the ring bore, will try it and post if it is successful.
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Re: foil kite lines - opposite of LEI?

Postby foilholio » Sun May 29, 2016 6:47 pm

Wow that sucks. I didn't notice but looking at your FLS pic yes they are the red lines where they should be grey. So the lines were on reverse on the bar. Did you order the ready to fly and the lines and every thing was already attached?

As to the depower it may be the front and rear line trim, try shortening the front line leader. Just because the depower is pulled all the way doesn't mean it is fully depowered. B bridle should go slack when fully depowered. The 18m needs about 90cm trim for full power to depower. Foils don't depower as much as inflatables but I have used my 18m in 25knots, it was way too much but I survived, just.

Maybe reinstall the fifth line if you are worried about landing and just use that. I used a fifth to land all the time when I started.

That sucks the line pulled through the ring, as I said you can wrap some line through and around it to make it tighter. But if you use the fifth line don't worry.

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