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foil vs lei longevity and self repairs

For all foil kite riders

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foil vs lei longevity and self repairs

Postby lovethepirk » Thu May 18, 2017 1:33 am

I bought 3 LF NRG's b/c I like to jump and chill :D I could see myself in a foil kite in the coming years as I now know what tricks I can do and not do without crashing my kite.

What is the longevity b/w a new LEI vs a foil if both are cared for properly? Also, for instance, I had to splice and replace a section of my NRG's bridle due to line wear from the bridle pulley(pain in the ass)...I don't see how you could identify a bridle problem with a foil with all the thousand of lines coming from the kite. Also, the fabric is lighter and I'm assuming less strong so can it stretch leading to a kite flying to one side? I'd just like a primer on the issues you all have to deal with and if they are self fixable as well as the longevity vs LEI's.

Thanks for your thoughts...

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