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Wings available for DIY

Forum for hydrofoil builders.

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Wings available for DIY

Postby Denisesewa » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:44 pm

Hey all , been a while since I've been on the forum, I have settled on a couple designs which I am very happy with and now only ride my DIY stuff, so,

I have the following available if some wants to use some commercial wings on their DIY projects.

front wing from a 2014 Carafino ( the one with the curved mast) good shape, top surface has been sanded, typical skuffs and scratches. ( black wing) , $20 +

early (2013) MHL rear wing the one with the one piece mast and fuselage.

Front and rear wings from a 2015 MHL lift , also sold by slingshot, these are the Osprey race wings and fit the triangular shaped fuselage, some nicks and dings, nothing major and ride fine. (Yellow wings) Starting at about the 18 second mark of this video I am riding these MHL wings in a short clip. $40 +

one rear race type wing, high aspect, unknown origin , a bit rough but totally usable. ( white rear wing). offer

I'd offer these for free +shipping *BUT* I want them to be used and not just be grabbed up cause they are free, I feel if someone has to pay for them then they will actually use them.
, located in Canon City CO.

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