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kitesurfers - windsurfers: some tips to get along

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Postby Toby » Tue Jan 07, 2003 7:05 pm

Some posts on this subject have been reproduced below from the FKA list at:

Having a dialog with kiteboarders first to agree on issues and solutions and then with the windsurfers might help. Many launches have gone through this process worldwide to date. A lot of the solution comes down to mutual respect and consideration.

"If it is possible to setup the kiteboarder launch downwind of the windsurfer
launch that would be ideal. If not it will take more than a little care on
the part of both the windsurfers and kiteboarders. Some ideas on this
subject appear below:

"We had a good day today both kiteboarders and windsurfers at the SFBSA Round
Robin at Crandon Park, Miami today. Lots of clinics were held including a
nice intro to kiteboarding session by Christopher of Miami Kiteboarding and
Katrina. Adam Locke organized an open discussion among the kiteboarders
and windsurfers present to talk about problems and solutions. The us-them
stuff that seems to dominate in these discussions sometimes was absent, (we
all were windsurfers either currently or at one time), several good
suggestions for riding in the same area came out. All these points were
agreed to by both the kiteboarders and windsurfers that were present.

1. Kiteboarders should never jump less than 200 ft. upwind of windsurfers
or anyone else for that matter, e.g. waverunners, bathers, kiteboarders,
boats, etc.

2. If kiteboarders are passing windsurfers they should go around well
downwind of the windsurfer if possible. If conditions make this infeasible,
a rare state in my opinion, then pass upwind with your kite high and nowhere
near the windsurfer's mast.

3. If passing head to head, give a hand signel as to which side you are
going to pass the windsurfer on if there is any potential confusion at all.

4. Otherwise normal sailing rules apply, as always.

Simple courtesy and comon sense is really all it comes down to. If we use
it, we should all enjoy lots more time on the water free of complaints and
related issues."

Some other ideas for consideration follow:

Ideally incoming windsurfers and kiteboarders should yield to outgoing
kiteboarders. The guys just after kite launch have fewer options and less
control than the folks already on the water. Also, it is safest if the
recently launched riders could get away from shore rapidly. Guys looking to
launch ideally should wait until the water off of the launch area is free of
other riders before launching their kites.

Kiteboarders should always try to pass on the downwind side of windsurfers.
If this is impossible, hopefully a rare occurance, the kiteboarder should
bring his kite up to near vertical and well above mast height. This of
course places the kiteboarder at risk of lofting if he is near shore so that
is a good reason to avoid this circumstance among others.

If a kite is down on the water, ideally windsurfers should pass upwind of
the kiteboarder in the water. Kiteboarders could pass upwind but very
carefully as well. If either has to pass downwind, I would do so with a
wide margin to avoid potentially getting caught in lines if the kite
suddenly relaunches. The kiteboarder with the downed kite should wait until
the area is clear of other riders before relaunching.

Normal rules of the road for boats as well as kiteboarders and windsurfers,
ideally, are described at: ... /6_2_b.htm

I will work up a list of guidelines encompassing all these points for shared
windsurfing and kiteboarding launches and post them for discussion.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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