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RRD type conv 12m / 8m as good as new

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RRD type conv 12m / 8m as good as new

Postby enrico666 » Wed Oct 19, 2005 1:12 pm

I have these 2 kites to sell:

brand: RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs)
model: Type Conv
year: 2004
sizes: 8m and 12m
condition: as new

The RRD Type Conv is a good quality, well built, reliable, stable, fun kite. It is easy to use, very well balanced, and has good performance. The Type Conv(ertible) is a 4-line kite with additional attachments on the tips and LE, so that you can attach a bridle - typically for flying 2 lines - is useful for those who are learning, and for those who want to try wakeboard-style).

The kites are as good as new: bought end of 2004, only been used a couple of times, and have NEVER fallen on water or land.

The kites comes "kite only", with bag, but if you need a pump and/or a control bar with lines, I can provide this material (which is, like the kites, as good as new).

prices (negotiable):
8m: 200 Euros
12m: 250 Euros
please contact me for: postage, control bar, pump, etc

Any questions welcome,
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