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Skim BOARD - NEW Undergroud skim custom copy

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Skim BOARD - NEW Undergroud skim custom copy

Postby tomtom » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:44 pm


Make boards for myself and my friends for quite while.

I make this board just for trying skim but i cant ride on it well

actualy i dont want spend my time learning to ride on skim - we have not that much wind.

So i want to sell it - maybe somebody is more patient

about Board
it is copy of this board ... d_150.html

I does not look that fancy but it is very good made.

Its vacuum bagged Klegecel PVC core with poplar wood sheet on deck for even more protection against heel dents. Laminate is glass-epoxy
it weight 2,4 kg

Board has inserts for footstraps and holes for two
fins just like underground

Price is funny 200 Euro Including two G10 half moon fins and eva deck pad and euro shiping.

I make this board in Summer and rode on it about 5 times

There are some scratchs on it but technical is like new.



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