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WindWing Rage II '05 14.0 $250

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:41 pm
by KittJ
2005 Windwing Rage II 14.0 ... in VG condition (no tears, crisp fabric, etc.)
The Rage II is a moderate aspect kite that is built tough. A classic C kite with the added benefit of an optional bridle and battens (called the B-SAFE system) that allows the kite to de-power much more than other C kites. This is a solid, forgiving primary kite for the average rider ... it will survive most of your mistakes and provides plenty of grunt to get you going.
Kite comes with the B-SAFE bridle, the Jump Start bridle (for reverse launches), and a 5th line attachment point as well as original instructions. Other accessories available.
$250 (USD) ..... Location: Cape Cod, US
PM to KittJ or 508 627 5547