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2005 Best 15M Yarga used once! Complete w/bag bar pump bag

Forum to sell, buy or trade used kite gear. It is also suggested to use the "Second Hand" tool linked in the navigation on top.

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2005 Best 15M Yarga used once! Complete w/bag bar pump bag

Postby davefabian » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:26 pm

15M Best Yarga 2005 used once. Complete with bar and lines. Comes with pump, bag, that huge travel bag, and a used board. Name price. I'm in Brooklyn, New York.

So, I'm selling my gear, which I should never have purchased in the first place without getting more into the sport!

I LOVE the thought of riding someday locally on my own kite, but that appears to not be in my foreseeable future.

I took a few lessons May/June 2005 at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, and then immediately bought gear that was recommended to me.

I've used it once since then. It seems I have bad luck with the wind in my 'location', which is really about 1.75 hours away or so, depending on traffic. I check the current winds on the web like a hawk, hop in the truck with the gear, drive down to Sandy Hook, and, drumroll, NO WIND!

I did that 6 times and said no more.

So, I then went to poland on the baltic for 5 weeks last august/september, and brought/lugged the gear over there in a best kite-golf bag, and never used it, because the kite was too SMALL.

Went to belize (caye caulker) in Dec/jan 2005/2006 for 3 weeks, lugged the gear there, and never used it because it was too BIG.

Just got back last night from southern saint lucia (awesome) and never used it since it was too BIG.

So, I'm tired of schlepping this stuff everywhere.

I've a board for sale too, and the best golf bag, and pump, and whatever else.

I'm gonna keep my helmet and harness, and just rent gear whenever I kite on vacation from now on. I most likely will therefore never kite 'locally', since I won't have gear.

Name a fair price, and its all yours. No pics here. Its been used ONCE, for about 10 minutes, at Sandy Hook. Ask vadim or dmitry. They know.

baseclimb at

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