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2015 Ben Wilson Surf Kite and Bar

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2015 Ben Wilson Surf Kite and Bar

Postby BoneKrusher » Wed May 04, 2016 2:47 pm

This is Ben Wilson's NOISE Pro model in 12 Meter size. Perfect for a wide range of South Florida winds. It comes with a near-new Ben Wilson, NOISE kite-specific Undertow bar.


It's been used approximately 10 times and is still CRISPY. It has a very minor pinhole, which has been repaired and photographed here-see if you can find this. I took very zoomed in photos and it barely shows.

It's a superb surf kite with exceptional drifting capabilities. It rides like a true 12 meter.

Getting rid of it because I have an 11 meter which essentially rides a little bigger like a 12 meter, so really don't need this kite in my quiver. All my other kites also use a different bar/line geometry so they're not interchangeable with this BWS setup.

Come get it. Paid $1500 for Kite/Bar and giving it away for $750 after less than 10 uses.

check pics here:

Thank you.

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