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mountainboard or dirtsurfer for kiting ???

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Postby ikan » Sun Apr 14, 2002 3:57 pm

What mountainboard is good for kiting on sand on the beach ? Its hard sand, so what tiresand should it have ? Anybody tried out the dirtsurfer ? looks good !

make dust !

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Postby SiCBOY » Wed Jul 31, 2002 5:03 pm

Mountain boards probably better, Ive just bought a s/h Dirtsurfer but havent had chance to try it yet, problem is the Dirtsurfer only goes 1 way (the steering wheels at the front)so if you want to go backwards youve gotta get off and swap to the other side !


Postby Guest » Wed Aug 07, 2002 1:07 am

A mountainboard is much better. I had a dirtsurfer and it wasn't much fun. It was a difficult to get started because you had to balance way to much. I went to and purchased an MBS Comp16. Works a lot better. Now I can go both ways too!

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Postby toperu » Tue Aug 27, 2002 6:21 am

You definently have to use a dirtsurfer with a kite it allows you to go upwind and hold down your edge because its a thinner board. We've reached speeds of 30-40 miles on a dirtsurfer with a kite.

A dirtsurfer has the ability to boost so big and do tricks like candlesticks, double backflips and one-footers

Plus the decks flex which allows you to hold in you edge more for max boost. It doesn't really take that long to get started on a dirtsurfer with a kite just practice going down hills.

Check out the site


Postby Guest » Tue Aug 27, 2002 6:24 pm

The only downside with a mountain board is long grass, where you need to modify the board to handle larger, thinner tires. For hard packed sand, stock comp 16 tires work really well.


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Postby skyhippie » Wed Aug 28, 2002 5:15 pm

Aren't dirtsurfers unidirectional ?
What about the weight ?

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