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Frenzy 04 Stability problems?

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03 9.5 for sale

Postby montanakitesports » Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:13 pm

I have a 9.5m 03 I would sell to make room for my new 04...drop me a line at or call me at 406-461-5302.



Frenzy de-power range

Postby Guest » Sat Mar 13, 2004 4:10 am

When flying the Frenzy 04', The clam cleat trim adjustment is used for adjusting the speed and depower range of the kite while flying the Frenzy in the fixed mode. The chicken loop is used to adjust the range on the fly, and the clam-cleat should not be needed while in the chicken loop.

If you are flying un-hooked or in the fixed harness loop, you may leave the trim line all the way out, with the red ball resting against the clam-cleat. If you need to adjust the speed of the kite or de-power it, you may pull the trim line in and adjust it to your preference.

When hooked into the chicken loop, you will want to leave the trim line all the way out with the red ball against the clam-cleat. Your de-power range is available "on the fly" by moving the bar away from you or all the way in towards you and the chicken loop. Full de-power while connected to the chicken loop is achieved by pushing the bar away from you and up to the stopper ball that is just before the quick release.

You will notice at this point, while flying in the chicken loop, that the back lines are slack and the front lines are tight. Pulling in the trim cleat at this point does not de-power it much more, the bar is all the way out already, and it only lets the back lines get slacker.
If you are all the way out on the bar and are getting over-powered, you should rig down to the next size kite where you will regain a comfortable de-power range.

The Frenzy is the only kite available that provides such a huge wind range and combines simple features like "self-inflation", easy one man launching, and a brake system allowing safe control and reverse launch of the kite at anytime.

If you are flying powered up with the kite fully de-powered already, you are not leaving yourself much margin for safety if the wind increases a few miles an hour. It is safer to fly a smaller size kite and have the full depower range still available to you.

The Ozone team riders I have spoken with all agree that if you are fully de-powered in the chicken loop, its time to rig a smaller kite.

Brian Schenck

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Postby just do it » Tue Mar 16, 2004 3:03 pm

The problem with the Frenzies is that they are basically about two years behind in their development compared to Flysurfer. Mind you they always have to wait until Flysurfer brings out a new kite and then try and nick bits and ideas of it.
When Flysurfer launched their first Psycho they encountered similar problems as Ozone has now. Lots of power and depower meant loss of stability. Less power and depower aswell as slower turning kites meant more stability.
Saying that, the first Psycho is still in a different league to the Frenzy.
What Flysurfer has now done is change their bridle layout with the new Multi-WAC System and changed the tension layout inside the kite. Then the famous jetflaps which add to stability and conquer the problem of stalling the kite too much when powering up.
All of this and the addition of the patented intake valves (North you better be careful) makes for kites which are again about two years ahead of the competition and about 3years ahead of North. (its only an old Warrior)
Will Ozone be able to catch up? In actual fact making a closed Ram-Air is very difficult indeed, so I don't know why Ozone is struggling so much with their open design. Lots of new problems arrise when when closing the leading edge.
So Ozone can't put jet flaps on their kites, neither can they use Flysurfers intake valves to make them waterusable nor can they use Flysurfers Multi Wac System, it's all patented.
I yet have to meet a Frenzy flyer who isn't absolutely amazed by the Voodoos stability, turning speed, lift, substancial difference between power and depower(Frenzy let-down), price and water relaunchability.
So guys do yourself a favour and just get the Voodoo, there is no excuse not to, unless you are sponsored by Ozone.
And now the new Psycho2 is about to come out. I have flown it and it is awesome. It really takes the piss out of the oposition.
I am sorry if all of this sounds very arrogant but let the truth be known.

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Postby Ustakiter » Tue Mar 16, 2004 4:17 pm

Maybe the results of the WC indicate why some people want to own a Frenzy?

1/ Guillaume Chastagnol/F (Ozone)
2/ Romain Fabretti/F (Air Evolution)
3/ Sigve Botnen/N (Ozone)
4/ Patrick Koller/CH (Naish)
5/ Matthieu Blanchard/F (Ocean Rodeo)
6/ Andre Natland/N ( Cabrinha)
7/ Dino Costa/ CH
8/ Mickaël Régnier/F (Air Evolution)

1/ Fabio Ingrosso/CH (North)
2/ Fabrice Tripier-Mondancin/F (Ozone)
3/ Bjorn Kaupang/N (Naish)
4/ Christopher Dons/F/N (Naish)
5/ Arnulf Refsnes/N (Naish)
6/ Matthew Taggart/GB (Ozone)
7/ Torstein Greni/N (Naish)
7/ Andreas Loven/N ( Naish)
7/ Geier Nortland/N (Naish)
7/ Dominik Zimmerman/D (Libre)

1/ Kari-Anne Tragethon/N (Naish)
2/ Estelle Lambelet/F (Ozone)
3/ Fabienne Kaufmann/CH (Advance)
4/ Agnès Fontenay/F (Air Evolution)

1/ Sebastien Bubmann/N (
2/ Thomas Banks/GB
3/ Claudio Pittin/CH

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Postby zfennell » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:11 am

Ustakiter wrote:Maybe the results of the WC indicate why some people want to own a Frenzy?

1/ Guillaume Chastagnol/F (Ozone)
well said.
even though i've got flysurfers , 'just do it' was starting to make me gag.
i think they must need to meet some quota for that stuff each month.


Postby Guest » Wed Mar 17, 2004 2:44 am

Sounds like "Just Do It" needs to get over himself and just go out and have a good time.

Thanks to all the folks who have given some good advice about the Frenzy.


Postby WANTSOME » Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:11 pm

I own a 9.5 Fzy03 and a 12m Fzy04....I think there superb for Mboarding..

I was @ the coast a while back and got a test fly of a 10m Voodoo..wind was about 15knts..

I have to say I was Very impressed....
I won`t be selling my Fzy`s and going down the Flysurfer route though as I use LEI`s on the water..

BUT....if I just had Fzy`s and was thinking about going on the water..I`d sell up and get a couple for sure..

Amazing thing with the Voodoo is it can be a closed cell water re-launch 1 minute, then an open cell ram air the next..

Well done Flysurfer....

Just for the record..I don`t have any problem`s with the stability of my Fzy`s..


Postby Guest » Fri Mar 19, 2004 11:18 am

i think 'just do it' is the uk importer for FS, so it's understandable that he doesn't like the Frenzy.

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