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NorthEast Canada Need kiting techniques, no experience

forum for snow- and landkiters

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NorthEast Canada Need kiting techniques, no experience

Postby NorthEastBeast » Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:33 pm

I am new and getting a kite this week... We get a hell of a lot of wind on the Kennebecasis River...a nice wide windy valley.... it seems like it would be a mecca if anyone was into kiting here....i will be the first that i know of....looking to find resources on simple kiting techniques as i have no experience with them....i've been boarding for years, but not with a kite in my hands....Anyone in the east with an idea for a newbie kiter...willing to listen

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Postby kiteny » Sun Feb 15, 2004 10:08 pm

Come to Norther Vermont on Feb 28 & 29! That's the best bet, since there will be lots of kites and most likely lots of free instruction.

I just learned to kite myself, and recently went for professional instruction and learned that I was doing most things right. Here's how I learned:

1. Get a training kite. I got a Slingshot B3 (3 meter foil) with a bar. My winds here tend not to be too strong, so 3 meters was good; if yours are strong, get something smaller.
2. Spend a LOT of time with the training kite. I went a few times a week to a park to play with the small kite. I wanted to learn, plus we had no snow or other ways to play on skis or a board, and it turned out that the time spent with a small kite was invaluable.
3. Get lots of safety gear! If you are teaching yourself, you'll probably kite by yourself a lot, so I recommend a full-face helmet and a full set of pads. I use Grit Gear.
4. Read everything you can online. There are lots of sites with great information. I also purchased an instructional DVD called Boost. It was helpful, but I would have been okay without it.
5. Once you know how to handle the kite and are ready for the real thing, hop on your board and go! The small kite will definitely pull you if you have strong winds, and it will be great for learning, but you'll want to move up to a big kite very quickly. For that, ask lots of questions here and call some dealers and ask them your questions as well. I'm about 190 pounds and got a Frenzy 7.3, which I absolutely love. I've had the chance now to kite with a few other people, and found that the Frenzy is very stable compared with a lot of other foils, is very controllable, has a large wind range, and has lots of safety systems. Since my winter season will be over in a few weeks, I'll probably get a Frenzy 12 next winter. I'm also considering a 5 to use with ice skates.

Kiteskiing is by far the BEST sport I have ever done!

Have fun and be safe!


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Postby lemur » Mon Feb 16, 2004 12:10 am


Im in Freddy beach with kites from 2 - 11 Sq m and I have set up a guy in me at and we'll get you going


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