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Solution to Frenzy2004 stability problems

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just do it
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Solution to Frenzy2004 stability problems

Postby just do it » Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:59 pm

To cure the instability of the 2004 Frenzy follow the steps below:
1. Sell your Frenzy!
2. Buy yourself a Flysurfer Voodoo or Spirit!
3. Enjoy more power, faster turning, lots more stability!
4. Venture out on the water too, because now you can!
5. Write to your favourite Mag. and ask them why they didn't tell you about these kites so far! :thumb:


Postby Guest » Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:14 pm

what frenzy04 stability problems? I think you'll find that it's people being crap at flying them, not the kite itself -as was the case with the 03 until people learnt to fly that....

mind you, bloody expensive kite compared to flysurfers offerings for this year.


Postby Guest » Tue Mar 16, 2004 5:31 pm

VooDoo Pricing:
7.0 meter..............1049.00

10.0 meter............1199.00

14.0 meter............1349.00

Spirit pricing:

4.0 meter...............659.00

7.0 meter...............799.00

10.0 meter............1049.00


FRENZY 04' Price

5.0 meter..............$660.00

7.3 meter..............$810.00

9.5 meter..............$960.00

12 meter...............$1100.00

These prices are in US dollars, and were obtained from each respective distributor.

Pricing speaks for itself. Size for size, Ozone's fair pricing philosophy gives more bang for the buck.

Midwest kiter

Solution to negative minds

Postby Midwest kiter » Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:03 pm

There are no stability problems with the kite, and I've flown Frenzy's for a couple seasons. I've flown all brands and styles, foils, Lei's etc. I'll I've noticed with my Frenzy is a smooth kite with a de-power range even my inflatables can't match. I have an 03 and an 04 and both are sweet, I wouldn't sell either of them ever.
I've had some of my biggest airs ever this winter, my 9.5 04 loads up so much power that jumping isn't the question, how long till I come down is! I can't imagine needing a kite that could turn faster, I can loop my 04 twice in the window and it still stays high above the deck.
The Frenzy is so solid that I feel comfortable enough to take my kites on the water, although I'll take my LEI's out because that's what they are made for. I was looking at picking up a Flysurfer for this coming summer to check it out, but with such a closed mind Negative attitude promoting them I feel turned off to even deal with the company.

Just another kite slut with an open mind - Fly everything - Its all good!

just do it
Very Frequent Poster
Posts: 676
Joined: Mon Dec 29, 2003 5:26 pm
Kiting since: 1999
Gear: Airush Varial-X, Airush Apex
Brand Affiliation: Airush
Location: Bavaria

Postby just do it » Fri Mar 19, 2004 11:39 am

Please take the above statement and possible answer to the Frenzies stability problems with a pinch of salt. It was meant to be humorous.
It was only meant as a reply to the posting of one Frenzy flyer who is obviously displeased with his Frenzies stability.
I think prices in the States are a little higher than in the UK.
Everyone who has flown a Voodoo 10m after having owned a 9.5m Frenzy prefers the Voodoo by miles. It really does everything better.
These people said to me that the power comes on soo much more positively and that it is far more powerful for its size too. It also turns twice as fast and they can already jump by simply pulling on the bar, which they could never do on their Frenzies. A lot of them said that the 7m Voodoo is as powerful as their 9.5m Frenzy. The Spirit flys exactly the same so if you then compare power to price then all of a sudden the sums are quite bad for Ozone.
Spirit 7m £499
Spitit 10m £629
I don't know the US dollar prices but you can compare the Spirit with the Frenzy you don't need a Voodoo. They really perform the same.
I am glad that Ozone with their strength of advertising and with their spending spree on good riders can interest more people in flying foils.
Flysurfer hasn't got that much cash for these things and rather spends it on development and getting the prices lower.
All in all these postings should never be taken too seriously but if I am generally impressed with a product and want to share it with other people then why not.
Try a Voodoo or Sprit for a couple of days, be open minded about it and then put an educated posting on here about your personal opinion.

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